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My Tests are Back!
phototaker posted:
Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share my good news! Remember I said for a few weeks and some time after my trip, I was having a rough time keeping my good eating habits. I've had diabetes for 4 years, and just ate a little more than I normally do. I gained a few lbs., and was having trouble getting those off. Well, I also told you that I was back on track and trying really hard to bring my A1C that went from a 5.8 up to a 6.1, back down again.

Well, my A1c test came back today and I'm at 5.9. I still am back on track, and I'm starting to lose the few lbs. I've gained. I only went up 4 or 5 lbs., but I knew I had to be stricter again. I'm back to chicken caesar salad when I go out to eat with my friends, have cut back on my bread consumption a little more, and am continuing my 6 day a week exercise program. It's working again. I guess my body needed time to readjust. I'm still on no diabetes medicine, but I have to work really hard to keep here. For my system, it can be done. I was worried that I had compromised my pancreas.

I also had two thyroid tests done. Even though I'm in the normal range, I'm pretty close to the hypothyroidism side. .022 and above is normal, and I'm .077.(or something close to that) That would make it harder for me to lose weight. I have so many symptoms of hypothyroidism, and I was sure I had it. I asked my doctor to give me another thyroid test and it came out in the normal range, so I'll let it go for now. I have two friends who fought this. They were told they were fine, but it turned out later that one had thyroid cancer and the other did have a thyroid problem.
My cholesterol tests were improved too, and I got my LDL down to 104, from 125. My HDL went up a little, which is good. That one I'm working on. That's the good cholesterol. My triglicerides went down, too.
So, I'm a happy camper tonight. Thanks for letting me share.
DianeR01 responded:
Happy Dance for you Photo! I know you work hard for these results!
retiredgramps responded:
Great work Photo. Nice to read of someone reaching their goals.
You have mentioned that bread is a weakness. Have you tried Pepperidge Farm Carb Style bread? It has 8 carbs and 3
grams of fiber per slice. I have 2 slices a day and I don't spike!
betaquartz responded:
Proud of you photo, but then you know that. Keep up the good fight. I hope that at 4 years I am in as good a control as you. How is your weather out there? I am looking for Spring and Kayaking!
mhall6252 responded:
Great numbers, Photo. I think you are much more diligent than you give yourself credit for.

phototaker replied to betaquartz's response:
Thanks, Betaquartz, Retiredgrams, Diane, and Michelle. I appreciate your encouragement. We all know how hard it is to keep those numbers lower. I've had some higher numbers, and was not too excited about those, thinking about what it was doing to my body. I'm trying harder to be very in control of them. Michelle, thanks for your comment to me.

I don't want to go on medicine if I can help it. I already am on too many other ones, now.

Retiredgramps, I didn't know about the Pepperidge Farm Carb style bread. I'll check it out. Thanks!

Betaquartz, it WAS gorgeous here this week, around 71 degrees during the day. I LOVED going to the beach and taking photos. It just energized me and made me happy to feel the sun. I know you would have loved it too! There are sharks in our waters though, so kayaking would be a little more risky I would assume, depending on where you would go. My ex-principal used to go out of Monterey to do his kayaking. The area here has been unstable with all our little earthquakes lately. It has it's good and bad, just like every other place in this world. I can hear it in your voice how you miss kayaking. It will just make you enjoy it even more the first time out in the Spring.
teddybear200 responded:
Great job Photo on your numbers - it takes a lot of work to maintain when you don't take the meds. Good job.
One day I will soar on wings of an Eagle - Deb
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Well done, Phototaker!
MSUphysicsFRIB responded:
Good job with the a1c and cholesterol! What thyroid test are you referring to (TSH, T3, T4, or something else), and what are the units?
phototaker replied to MSUphysicsFRIB's response:
MSUphysics....I've had about 5 of 6 Tsh tests within the past few years. The numbers range, more towards the hypothyroidism range. My last number was 0.94 on the TSH test. I'm still in the "normal" range, but on the lower side. I also asked for another test and she gave me a t4, which was in the normal range, right in the middle. I'm going to let that go for now, and concentrate on keeping my bs numbers down.
MSUphysicsFRIB replied to phototaker's response:
A lower TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) means a higher-functioning thyroid. For example, when I had hyperactive thyroid, my TSH was less than 0.5. After being on a drug to "kill off" part of my thyroid, my TSH shot up above 30. That's because the more inactive your thyroid is, the more TSH your body produces in an effort to boost thyroid hormone production.

I feel best when my TSH is around 1.
phototaker replied to MSUphysicsFRIB's response:
Thanks, that's interesting MSUphysics. So, you're saying that I really have a fairly normal TSH. So I wonder why I have all the symptoms of a thyroid problem, along with the fact my mom had a goiter removed, so it runs in the family!

These have been my scores in the past few years:
0.9, 1.0, 0.82, 0.97, 0.76, 1.06, 0.90, 0.94
So, those lower scores were hyperactive thyroid?? I have more symptoms of hypothyroidism. I never had a discussion with my doctor over this. That might have helped me a lot to have understood this better.
MSUphysicsFRIB replied to phototaker's response:
A TSH below 0.4 might be an indication that the thyroid is overactive. If someone's TSH is below 0.4, a radioactive iodine scan is ordered to "look" at the thyroid function. I would say that your TSH's look great. There are other things that can cause some of the symptoms of hypoactive thyroid. Blood thinners can cause coldness; my grandpa has been really cold since he started Coumadin. My mom's had dry skin (and "other" areas) since she started menopause. She's had a lot of success with a low dose estrogen cream. Hair thinning also sometimes goes along with menopause, and my mom has claimed that her hair has thinned, though she has coarse, curly hair, so I haven't noticed it. Low iron can cause coldness and hair loss. A lot of different medications can also cause hair loss. Calorie restriction can cause coldness, dry skin, and hair loss.

Was your T3 OK too? I don't really know the difference between T3 and T4. TSH is thought to be the best way to "catch" hypoactive thyroid.
MSUphysicsFRIB replied to phototaker's response:
Hyperactive thyroid feels like a major caffeine kick--with all of the jitters, palpitations, sweatiness, queasiness, and loose bowels. Actually, I never really had loose bowels (I might have actually enjoyed that), but I have very strange intestines.
angelintrini responded:
Thats wonderful photo - way to go!! I'm very happy for you. Keep up the good work. Like you I've been eating what I shouldn't over the holidays and gained a few pounds. I'm a bit concerned though because previously I went to the doctor (Oct 2010) and she told me she's giving me three months to see how I'm going to see if i need to be put on medication. My a1c at that time was 6.5. I got my results back (Jan 2011) and its down to 6.4. I dont think thats a good a1c. My doctors are a father/daughter team. I visited her back in Oct and she told me I need to get it down to 5.9 or she will have to put me on meds. Then last Friday I saw her dad and he looked at my report (a1c 6.4) and he said I was doing pretty good and that I do not need meds. Don't you think it sounds strange? Also she ordered a (RFT) Renal Function Test and he said it looked really good. I'm no doctor but I thought some of the readings were pretty close to the maximum. What do you think photo? Does an a1c of 6.4 require medication? Let me know what you think. Continue to do what you're doing. I only recently started back walking again. Yor're motivating me to get back on track.

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