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Hey Betaquartz! Re: Flu Vaccine
phototaker posted:
Remember how we were all discussing whether to take or not take the flu vaccine and some were saying that the vaccine made them sicker? Well, I was just watching "The Doctors" a few minutes ago, and they did an audience vote, and many of the people thought you could catch the flu from getting the flu vaccine. The doctors said, "No, it's an inactive virus, and that sometimes the two week period it takes to kick-in, the person might catch the flu, and think the vaccine was the cause of them getting the flu later on. I thought that was interesting.
arealgijoe responded:
I strongly DISAGREE!

While I did not catch a full blown FLU, I got sick from a flu shot in Oct 2007. I did get a fever and my BS was hard to keep down to 200. That was when I was moved from NPH & regular that I had been on for decades, to Lantus and Humalog. That was my very first visit to the local diabetes center, Oct 1st.

Flu or not, my body REACTED to it as if it were. I never that I know of had a case of the flu anyway. I was running a fever and of course higher blood sugars, despite my insulin doseage being set too high.

Gomer ... not your average Joe.....
mhall6252 responded:
I would suspect that some people catch a virus some time right before or after having a flu shot and that illness makes them think they have the flu. That said, a flu shot can make some people ill, but that's a rare complication and it's not a case of influenza.

phototaker replied to mhall6252's response:
Right Michelle. They said, you do get soreness in your arm(which I always do, and it gets hot and red, too). They mentioned a few other things, too, but it was not major like the flu. You could have the virus in your body during that two week time that the flu shot takes effect, Gomer(or even before the shot). Do you get sick EVERY TIME you get the shot, on the same day and next?

I know for me, medicines usually affect me more. I'm more sensitive than others, and I have to watch reactions sometimes. I don't get sick at all with the flu shots I've gotten over the years. Last year, he mentioned the shot covered 3 different viruses, or something like that.

One thing I do is wash my hands, a lot. That helps me not get sick. One thing they're doing now at the gym is making you use this code for your phone number, so you're touching the same numbers everyone else in the gym is touching. It makes me take heed, so I make sure I wash my hands when I get home. I also don't use pens in stores,(I have my own), wash my hands after using the shopping carts, etc.(Safeway even has these little towels you can use to wipe down the cart handle). I don't "overdo" it, but I do also carry something in my purse, if I eat out, and need to wash my hands before I eat. I have not gotten one cold all year. It does help. I'm around people ALL THE TIME, even driving with people who have colds or the beginning of the flu, that they didn't know they were getting. I don't share drinks, either. So far so good. I just know now I'll be sorry I said this!!! LOL
betaquartz responded:
I have read frequent reports about vaccinations, and their side effects. However, most of my memories about vaccinations are negative. I remember when we went to Hawaii back in the late 50's that I had to have 3 days of vaccine. Remember, that Hawaii was an overseas assignment at that time. On the third day whatever I go put me down for 3 days. My arm swelled up, I couldn't eat, slept constantly, and had ripping headaches and body aches! I had nearly the same reaction to the first flu shot that I took, afterward I swore not to take another. Times have changed, maybe it won't effect me in the same way now, but I am leery.
laura2gemini2 responded:
I get sick from the flu vaccines, but then again I get sick from every vaccine. I dont know what it is, but every vaccine I get causes me to come down with a fever and nausea. I know now that when I get my flu shot I have to be in a position to not do anything for the rest of the day while I recuperate.

This year they caught me off guard asking if I wanted my vaccine while on high doses of dilauded, and I ended up getting really sick after my surgery.
cookiedog replied to laura2gemini2's response:
My liver doctors screen every single thing which enters by body since I am so immunocompromised. We patients are not allowed to take any live vaccine.

I am required to take a flu shot. These very hot shot doctors repeatedly tell me the flu virus is dead and except for a sore are and a slight fever for some people, there is not other possible adverse reaction to a flu shot.

My DD has a public health masters degree and works in Africa with a ton of vaccine. She also insists there is nothing live in a flu shot to make anyone sick.

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