High blood sugar
cookiedog posted:
I was in the ER at my medical school transplant clinic yesterday. The cubicles are only separated by curtains.

I could hear everything happening on either side of me.

A woman who seemed perfectly coherently was insisting she did not have diabetes. She collapsed on a city street with a BS of 480.

They called her family doctor who insisted he has regularly checked her for diabetes since she is obese. He swears she has never tested positive for diabetes.

How could she get that incredibly high reading if she is not diabetic?
xring responded:
Maybe her high blood sugar (& passing out) is due to something else. I've never heard of anyone collapsing from a BS of 480.
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Shalynne responded:
I had regular blood screenings, and my sugar levels always were terrific! In fact, cholesterol was a bigger concern, I was told not to worry too much about eating lots of sweets!!!

No history of diabetes. At. All.

All the same, 2 days ago my blood test came in at 513. No symptoms, but I got dragged into the ER. Now I'm learning to use insulin (mixed).

So yeah, it can happen.

Didn't know it 'til now.
phototaker replied to Shalynne's response:
Shalynne, sorry to hear that...but welcome!!
auriga1 responded:
If 480 does not indicate diabetes, I don't know what does. That number is waaaaay above normal.

It is known for people to lose consciousness at that high number. Patti LaBelle passed out on stage with a reading of 500. People react differently to high BS readings. My mother would have readings in the 600's and feel perfectly fine.