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geriborba posted:
What fruits are best for Type 2 Diabetes. Some are to high in Sugar? So I am told.
Help I love my fruit
mhall6252 responded:
The best fruits are low glycemic, high fiber fruits. I enjoy berries, small oranges and clementines, grapefruit, small apples, and kiwi. But we are all different, so the best thing to do is weed out the troubling ones by checking your glucose levels two hours after eating a particular fruit. I find that bananas, grapes and watermelon are my biggest offenders. I can live without the bananas but I really like grapes and I LOVE watermelon. So I indulge a little when I really want it.

Dr. Dansinger (see his tips on the right side of the page) is a proponent of eating fruit. It helps to satisfy the sweets craving and can contribute to weight loss.

At the end of the day, all things in moderation. If you can control your portions to keep within your carb guidelines, you can have any kind of fresh fruit you desire.

phototaker responded:
You might want to check out Calorie King.Com online for the carbs in certain fruits. I was surprised by some, and changed how I ate fruits. Fruits set my blood sugar off, so I basically have berries(strawberries and blueberries), melons, and a tiny apple with nuts. That seems to be okay for me. Lately, I've been craving oranges, so I found some small ones to eat when I have some protein with it.
xring responded:
The idea that fruit is high in sugar & not good for diabetics is a myth. I frequently hear that--mostly from non diabetics. Most fruit is low glycemic.

A medium-sized fruit (size of a tennis ball) has 15 gms carbs & about 3-4 gms. fiber, assuming you eat all edible peels which is a good idea. You'll want to avoid dried fruit & fruit juice, unless you're low & want a spike in blood sugar. We're all different, so testing 2 hours after 1-2 servings of fruit will tell you which fruits have a greater effect on BG.
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