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    Monday Muster, Checkin May 9
    arealgijoe posted:
    Well it Monday again, hope everyone had a great weekend.
    Monday check-ins are a tradition here where we all catch up on our D-family.

    The rain has slowed down and a little sun is out here.

    How was last week and the weekend for YOU?

    What does this week have in store for you?

    I already had my Dr F/F follow-up this morning, things are looking fairly good, I am doing better than six months ago. This afternoon I see my hoof doc (podiatrist), for regular follow-up. I do need to ask him about a ankle bone issue that is causing a spot on m skin, want to prevent it from progressive into an open sore.

    Gomer Now don't be bashfull, unles you are one of the 7 dwarfs.
    DavidHueben responded:
    I had a quiet weekend, with nothing going on except the Kentucky Derby on Saturday and Mass on Sunday.

    This week, I am preparing my house and yards before I have another retinal surgery on May 20th. My right retina re-detached after the first surgery in late February. The odds of restoring any usable vision in my right eye are very low (maybe 5 - 10%), but I still have to have it re-attached again.

    I also need to stock the freezer with some frozen foods for the two week recovery period that are easily microwaveable and also arrange for someone to come here to mow the yards, clean the house, and do laundry.


    I never did say that you can't be a nice guy and win. I said that if I was playing third base and my mother rounded third with the winning run, I'd trip her up. - Leo Durocher
    laura2gemini2 responded:
    Yesterday hubby and I went to the zoo (the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium) which we go to frequently not only to see the animals but because it's really good exercise. When we went to get our tickets, the lady asked if I was a mother, to which I had to reply "no" and was told I then had to pay full price! I should have said yes since my two kitties were at home, and they could count as furry babies.

    This time was the first time we walked to every part of the zoo, every exhibit, and I only had to stop and rest twice because my feet started to hurt. I think its time for new shoes. Hubby bought me a new shirt at the end of it as a congrats to me for finally being able to go everywhere.

    This week hubby is working major OT, so Im getting up early with him and doing my work out before work instead of after. The rain finally broke and it's gonna get hot!
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to laura2gemini2's response:
    Mother's Day - got to sleep in till 8:30 am! (That's 3 hours longer than usual)

    We got to go to a VIP event for the PBS Kid's Show Dinosaur Train. It was great - my 2 year old and 6 year old were over the moon. And we all got to ride on a real steam engine train.

    This week my kids start swim lessons - every evening M - F for 30 minutes. I'm excited - last year they really improved and had a great time!

    I'm going to try and get on top of laundry in the next few days - it's piled up like an evil mountain in my kitchen..

    teddybear200 responded:
    Good day all - last week was a whirl wind for me - weekend was quiet played cards on Sat.

    Today I had to have the pre-op stuff done - re-tested my glucous meter to see how off it is - the True Result meter is 18 points off the lab work. Contour only 2 points off I guess I will stay with my Contour meter.

    Today and tomorrow will be getting everything ready for my surgery on Wed.

    Since wearing this brace on my neck new things are showing up - which made me go to the ortho Dr. apparently my left knee is now not tracking so I go for therapy tomorrow and reschedule for next week. As I need to heal from surgery first.
    One day I will soar on wings of an Eagle - Deb
    MSUphysicsFRIB replied to laura2gemini2's response:
    Ha ha...Yeah, I sometimes call my cat my "kitty baby." He didn't give me anything for Mother's Day except for love, and poo...similar to a REAL (i.e., human) baby.

    This week I am doing weight training with my friend. The sessions will be MWF, except I had to skip last Friday and today because she had to exercise earlier than normal in order to visit family that's in town. I exercised with her last Wednesday, and will resume weight training with her this Wednesday. She does legs/butt on Monday, chest/abs on Wednesday, and shoulders/arms on Friday. Each session takes about 2 hours because there are a lot of different exercises that we do, and she has us doing 3 sets of each. I've decided to only do 2 sets because I was so sore and tired after last Wednesday. However, I got badly sunburned last Thursday, so it was hard to tell if the fatigue was from the sunburn or the exercise session. I can handle the soreness, but I hate feeling badly fatigued. The fatigue and pain did not set in on Wednesday--in fact, I felt fabulous after the exercise session. I felt tired and sore late Thursday and most of the day Friday.

    Since I didn't do butt/legs today, I will do sprints tomorrow. My plan is to do only cardio T, Th, and Sat. I do only 5 minutes of power walking prior to the weight training because I need my full energy for the weights. Since my friend and I can spot each other, we "lift to failure."
    betaquartz replied to MSUphysicsFRIB's response:
    My week started with Sunday, and my grand daughters birthday party at an ice rink. I skated fro about two hours, skipped the cake and ice cream except for one bite of my wife's. Monday was pottery glazing, and bike riding. Today is working at friends house for a move, bike riding, and exercise. The rest of the week about the same. I think as soon as this load of pots is done I will try and get the kayak out for some paddling.
    I finish off each day with 50 push ups, 10 pull ups, and 50/50 side planks. Haven't been on total gym for a while as time is short to do it. When I do it I usually am on 3 days a week, with 3 sets of each, for two hours.
    xring replied to betaquartz's response:
    In my teens, I went ice skating but I won't risk it now, especially since I've never had a good sense of balance.

    You're probably good at it & feel confident on the ice.

    Does Michelle Kwan have anything to worry about?
    Politicians should serve two terms. One in office and one in prison
    betaquartz replied to xring's response:
    Not at all, and I really suck at it. However, that said I did the rink about 20 times, and did not dawdle. At the same time I wore dress khakis, and a jacket, and did not fall once.
    mhall6252 responded:
    We are in the process of moving to NH, so on Mother's Day we drove from Kansas City to Indianapolis. Yesterday we drove to Pittsburgh, and today we drove to Fishkill, NY. We'll arrive at my daughter's in Massachusetts tomorrow. We have mom and her belongings "in tow" so it's a bit slower than we would normally travel. We'll be moving mom into her new living facility on Friday, we get to see our rental property for the first time on Sunday.

    DH will return to KC next Monday and begin the process of packing our household goods for the trip to NH. Relocating is a big job! We haven't moved in 17 years and there's just a lot of "stuff" to sift through.

    liladieni responded:
    Last week was fairly quiet and uneventful. This week started with Mother's day dinner with my kids and grandson, the a trip to the ER for chest pain Monday evening. Turned out to be angina, my cardiologist doubled my Isosorbide so we will see if that takes care of it. Today I spent doing laundry and watching my grandson play outside. Such a beautifl spring day, I am so glad winter is over.

    Hopefully, the rest of the week will be calm and uneventful...I like ordinary days rather than days when everything goes crazy.
    phototaker responded:
    I've been busy fighting to figure out what was wrong with my internet service. It had gone out four separate times. I've been sent two separate sets of modems, and had two separate guy friends and a girlfriend over to help. I had no internet yesterday afternoon to this morning, and have been on the phone a lot with my provider. Well, I found out today that there WAS a problem in our area(not on my end)and they needed 100 people to have problems to act on it to fix the problem...sigh...I had been telling them over and over it wasn't the modem!

    I've been really busy, though. During the week, I heard Benjamin Zander speak. I've mentioned that he's the conductor for the Boston Symphony. He was very inspirational and I found some things that got me fired up in a good way. On Mother's Day(I'm not a mom), my girlfriend and I went out to lunch and to see the movie, "Something Borrowed". It was cute, and we did laugh at some of the antics.

    Yesterday I went to Point Lobos, near Carmel to take early morning photos. I l got up at 5:30 A.M. to meet friends at 6:30. It was low tide, and I saw lots of green mossy rocks. I didn't go out on them like some others, too slippery for me.
    It's our macro group that take close up photos. The weather was a little cool, but warmed right up. The little wildflowers were out on the cliffs and hills. The seals were there again with their babies, along with skindivers. It was a beautiful day, and I got a lot of walking in, plus zumba when I got back home.

    Today I had to pick up my friend at the airport. I was still tired from yesterday, so after we went out to lunch, I took a long nap, and didn't go to zumba tonight. I'm ready to veg and watch t.v.

    Tomorrow I need to check out some tours for a trip I'm going on and do HOUSEWORK!

    It's been an interesting week!

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