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Worst foods for diabetes?
Michael Dansinger, MD posted:
What are your votes for three WORST foods for diabetes? Any of those so bad you'd NEVER dare eat it?
betaquartz responded:
Hmmmmm some of my past favorites: 7 layer German Chocolate cake, Loaded baked potato(cheese, bacon,butter, sour cream, chives, onion,etc), Deep dish whole milk cheese Meat style Pizza. My l list could go on and on, but since it was only 3. . . .
arealgijoe responded:
COKE...real cokeacola.

WHY? a couple small sips one evening and it was a meatwagon ride to the ER and admitted for what turned out to be diabetes. I had been sick since I had a sore throat, my fam doc refused to see me for followup, it was JUST a sore throat and he had SICK patients that NEEDED him.

There is much more to this episode of my under-boaring venture. I tried posting earlier, but as usual WebMD is not always functioning as it should.

Gomer yep a REAL person done in by the REAL THING.
mhall6252 responded:
Fried macaroni and cheese balls...the latest appetizer trend. As if mac & cheese isn't bad enough, now they fry it!?!?!

Fettucine alfredo - never liked it to begin with, never understood how someone could eat a whole plate of it.

Chicken fried steak smothered with gravy - I just don't get that dish at all! If you want a steak, eat a good one. If you want fried chicken, have a piece of good fried chicken breast.

liladieni responded:
Don't know that I can pick three really bad foods, but I know one I really can't touch...Ramen Noodles. If I eat those, I'll spike to 300 or higher every single time. Not to mention all the salt that isn't good for my blood pressure.
phototaker responded:
Dr. Dansinger, because I'm not on medicine for my diabetes, there are many foods that are the worst for me, as they will shoot up my blood sugar numbers.

I will say anything that has too many carbs for one sitting will set me off.

I used to have one six inch chicken breast or tuna Subway sandwich on honey oat bread, and one bag of Baked chips, and my blood sugar would go up.

I could have too many slices of pineapple and it could set it off.

Hmmm...worst...I believe would be candy. I used to love See's candy around the holidays. I also ate "before" diabetes, Hostess Cupcakes with the filling inside and brownie bites from Costco at parties.

Worst....hmmm....I would think fried food would be "one" of the worst things, as it's high in cholesterol and bad for the heart. So are French fries, fried, doughnuts that are soaked in oil, and frosted with chocolate, or anything like that....cream puffs....Pizza is a killer...I can't eat it unless it's a very thin crust, and even then, it has to be one slice.

I would think the chocolate cake I used to bake for the holidays would be up there, too...I'm sure anything with custard or things mixed with real sugar would be in that worst category.

Gosh, I'm so into thinking about healthier choices, it's hard for me to come up with worst things. I'm sure a lot of ice cream eating, like hot fudge sundaes would be in those categories, too.

I do not eat anything I've posted , but sometimes indulge in an In and Out Burger hamburger and fries every once in a blue moon.
ironman97176 responded:
Sugar frosted cereals.

Non diet sodas.


It was a toss up between pizza buffets and chocolate. But I have been able to limit myself on pizza buffets, going for more veggie stuff than pizza.

Before diabetes I would eat 12 slices of pizza. This was after a salad and jo joes. Plus a half pitcher of beer.
hootyowl2 responded:
Ramen noodles can put me up around 400 ...

Most other foods do not bother me in moderation, or occasional servings. Though I do not usually do sodas, and junk foods.

dianer01 responded:
Pecan Sandies and Ice Cream.

I do not keep these around the house but if I get a bad craving I will get a scoop of ice cream or I will get a single cookie at the bakery. I will incorporate it into my meal and adjust the carbs somewhere else. My problem is a package of cookies will call my name at the weakest moments.

My third item is sticky, white calrose rice. MMMM. A big bowl with a little butter and salt is heaven! Yup, carbs, animal fat and sodium, doesn't get any better! I do not keep it in the house any more either. I do miss it but lets face it brown rice is much better!
Manoj_in_Bangalore responded:
I think it depends on the context. Is it type 1 or type 2 diabetes? What is the insulin sensitivity and beta cell function of the individual? What are the underlying root causes of the diabetes? What medication is the individual on? What other chronic conditions exist in the individual?

So, in my view, there can be no blanket answer to what foods are the worst ones for diabetes. As an old proverb goes: One man's food may be another man's poison.

~ Manoj
nwsmom replied to ironman97176's response:
Ironman, please don't diss chocolate. Many of us feel that chocolate is a food group, and has a place in our diabetic food plans. Small amounts of dark (70% or more cocoa solids) chocolate may be quite acceptable to your body, and definitely to your taste buds!

mhall6252 replied to nwsmom's response:
LOL, Nancy!

I am not a chocoholic, but once in a while I will eat a piece or a few bites of a dark chocolate dessert. McCormick&Schmick's has a signature dessert in their KC restaurant called a "chocolate bag." I think it's the best dessert I've ever had in my life. There is a dark chocolate "bag" (shaped like the ones you used to get when you bought penny candies) half filled with white chocolate mousse, then topped with lots of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. More berries on the plate along with the decorate raspberry sauce. Four of us have shared this thing and we've never finished it. But it is oh so good!

laura2gemini2 responded:
Deep fried candybars or twinkies they have at the state fairs. I think I would have a simultaneous heart attack, stroke, and diabetic coma if I ate one, especially if they topped it with the powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry.

Did you know they even deep fried a salad?
betaquartz replied to ironman97176's response:
I have one piece of Dark Chocolate 72% or greater EVERY DAY! It is a treat, and I only allow one piece. It does not even ripple my numbers when I tested on a regular basis. I believe that the benefits of one piece outweigh any of the negatives.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to mhall6252's response:
Michelle - My grandma (a farmer's wife in Oklahoma) could probably give you a 30 minute lecture on Chicken Fried Steak being a required food group. Of course, she had TWO open heart surgeries!

Here's a WebMD article about Best/Worst - but I like the list you are all coming up with!

Best and Worst Foods for Diabetes


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