Trouble finding treatment....
midniteknitter posted:
I have been type 2 for around 6 yrs. Wonderful treatment in the beginning, weight down, more energy, on metformin regimen. No treatment now for a long time. Moved and can't seem to find a local place for assistance. No job, too young for medicare, but not able to find work. Being careful with diet and exercise, but so frustrated. ,I know I can feel better than this, but I can't even afford test strips for my meter anymore. Any suggestions? I'm 54, ex-smoker.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Have you checked your area for free or low-cost medical care?

Here are a few resources that might help you locate a program that can help --

Free Drug Programs Video (Social Worker helps Man with Cancer)

Recession Means Free RX Drugs for Some (Pfizer, Merck, Abbott, and AzstraZeneca)
Liladieni responded:
Have you checked your local health department? I know mine here has an indigent care program, thats how I get treatment and to be honest it's the best treatment I have had so far for diabetes or anything. Your area might have something similar, it's worth checking into anyway.