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Question what am I
denial741974 posted:
hello group. I notice since I've been a member for a lot of years now for years exactly. 4 years I don't get too many comments and wonder why. Is it that I'm not important. When I had 30s and 60s the ones that posts said it's nothing worry about, I don't understand because those are big numbers that's what I learned and I get shakes and trembling when I get up sweating. Yes I'm not on insulin but something's going on being a diabetic is not normal. Maybe I have to be on insulin. Maybe my body telling me your Pancras he is not working. One of the to. To me it's a warning. I'm overweight I'm 146 51, but am trying to lose the weight but it's not, not that easy since my left leg is all messed up, but I tried to get exercise and for at least 30 min., my question is what am I it just makes he feel that my diabetic is not important like someone else, that's something what non diabetic tells me.I never knew it was a label a true diabetic and a make-believe diabetic but the question is what I am I. everyone me a keep den knows numbers and every morning get up I feel like crap it been happening for while, I know getting those numbers 30s 60s low 70 I'm doing damage to my body and the funny thing I'm not doing a purpose I'm trying hard but I'm getting these numbers, maybe old to the board that my diabetes is not important, or you may think it's more control, so my question is what am I. I know January 20, 2008 I was diagnosed my highest weight was 185 and the Dr. that day wanted to put me on medication but I refuse. And I if I remember my AC 1 was 9.8 very high, yes in the past I had 5.9 ,6. And 6.10 and two 4 mos ago it was 6.9 again. It goes up and down, but group I'm trying for the past week, because I don't want people the poke at my belly at work. He's a young kid 16 and when I'm around him I feel a kid but it's annoying pokes my belly it's very frustrating and annoying but next time I go back to work I will tell my friend please don't poke me in the belly makes he feel that I'm fat, I know I laugh at it and I call myself if you out there photo please respond I'll be waiting. I know you have to take a break from the web M.D. and I know you through a lot exercise Zuma and you dancing and everything. Yesterday told mom I did not want a baby, but she feels it will be silly for me not to have one. Is that true group if I have mental illness with diabetes a can make baby worse because it carries my jeans. That's the main reason why I'm thinking I don't want baby, but mom told me it's too early to tell, you need to find someone special first, don't think ahead in future. Thanks a listening Den
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
phototaker responded:
Den, here are my feelings about bringing children into the world.
If you are struggling with self esteem and keeping your life in balance, don't have a child. It just will make things much worse, and you will raise children who might have self esteem issues. I'm not positive about if your own child will have mental issues. I chose not to have children of my own, because I didn't handle stress well until I went through therapy and straightened myself out. I know having children is a really hard job with lots of responsibilities, as is having a pet. The rewards are also great, too. Your main responsibility right now is to keep yourself leveled off.

I'm still deciding about coming back to WebMD. I really miss sharing ideas here, but I'm taking some time to think about it.
I've also overused my typing arm in working on my photos lately, so I want it to heal.

You are making some good choices for yourself. I'll be reading every once in a while, if you need someone to listen.

You can do this without me or anyone else. I didn't see one comment about anyone missing me on here. Maybe it was taken off, and maybe no one said anything. I hope someone appreciated the three years I spent on here, sharing thoughts.
I know some people have told me that over the years. I know "I" learned a lot from others, and have really benefited from it.

I just got back from a photo trip today and am off for zumba.

Take care.

Take care.
mhall6252 responded:
Den - I agree with your mom. Find someone special and get to know her really well. If you love her and you both decide that you want a child and you are prepared financially and emotionally to care for a child, then go to your doctor and ask about the risk of passing your illnesses on to a child. There are genetic counselors who can help you with this.

But first, you must be able to take care of yourself. Then you must be able to care for the woman you love. Then, when you get to that point, you can think about having a baby. Having a family is a huge lifetime responsibility.

barb10562 replied to phototaker's response:
Hi Photo- I would miss u terribly if u dont come on anymore!!! Why would u not? Has someone upset u? u have helped everyone on this site tremendously, me included. Please dont go-or maybe just lurk and answer sometimes???
phototaker replied to barb10562's response:
Yes Barb, something happened that upset me greatly on here.
I'm not sure if anyone saw it. I'm taking a break right now. I felt so unsupported and upset. I'm sure we're not supposed to comment on what happened. Sorry I can't explain more. I'm taking a break. It's probably good, though, as my typing arm is really hurting right now, and I need to rest it. I spent 3 years on here "I thought" helping others, AND learning a lot for myself.
I was questioning if I made any difference in someone's life. I appreciate your comment, Barb, so much.
betaquartz replied to phototaker's response:
I for one believe you made a different to many, including myself. Much of what happened is unfortunate, and as we cannot comment is inevitable when dealing with some individuals. Your absence will be noticed by many. Sorry to see you go, but heal your wounds, your arm and . . . maybe some day.
cookiedog replied to phototaker's response:
Photo - Just remember some of us supported you and still do.

This has become a very different place than it was in past years.

Sad, really.
phototaker replied to betaquartz's response:
Thanks so much, Betaquartz! I really appreciate what you're saying and have wanted to ask how your wife was doing. Take care. I'll read when I can, but will try not to comment because of my arm. It "is" getting a little better. I'm using the other one to type. Meanwhile, I thought it was important for people to know about an article that came out in WebMD, and another place about the higher doses of Zocor...of which I'm taking and how they're finding muscle damage with these higher doses. I have a note out to my doctor on this. I may go off of it...if she agrees, or at least half. Is it possible this is the cause of my arm OR just deleting 600 e-mails and working on my photos all day and rest I do on the computer. I have a trip coming up and want to be able to lift my luggage. Exciting news...I have a group dance lesson with someone who teaches on "Dancing with the Stars"... More later....
Beta...I've let go of the sadness and missing WebMD. I was really bummed out for a few days. Thanks again. I did get a nice letter from them which helped, too. I was so disappointed.
phototaker replied to cookiedog's response:
Yes Cookiedog, YOU made me feel so supported. I felt not many people saw what happened. I wish I could say more. I can't. Thank you so much!
auriga1 replied to phototaker's response:
Photo, I echo everyone's sentiments here. You know I do. You are thoughtful and insightful helping others achieve what you have yourself.

Den, you should just take it one day at a time. See what you can do for that day whether eating right, exercising or whatever. If you don't accomplish what you wanted, just tell yourself it was just one day, and try again tomorrow. Best of all, try and stay consistent. That would help.

The only that can help you with what is going on with your numbers, Den, is your doctor. Are you able to show him or her your meter to see what's going on?

This is a forum for people with diabetes. I know it can be hard to do, Den, but don't take things personally. It's not a chat room, but sharing thoughts and helpful hints to see what we can do to help or what we can learn from one another.
denial741974 replied to phototaker's response:
Photo, did something happen. You're a big asset to this group. I care about you a lot. And think about you when you're not on the board. You helped me so much and others. I know I could be a pain and stubborn, but at times that's only my mental illness taken its course. But other times I'm caring and kind. I love you photo I don't want you to leave, if you leave I will leave, you gave me so much support to us. And I'm really grateful that you helped me a lot. Remember that post you told me print this out and put it on your fridge refrigerator. I read that all the time went on starting get off track. I know some people on the board can be mean but I don't read a lot of post. Lots of people on here have different opinions on diabetes stuff, but I always read your post the most please don't go. Understand you take a break, we all have to take a break at times even me, my mom really loves you how you post to me. Your real and you have a heart. I know deep down you care about me very much. Truth is I like it when you're hard on me you make me see a bigger picture in my mental health and diabetes. I wanted be there for you, if you need any support please count on me, I know it's hard when someone picks on the each other, but trust me it will blow over. Remember all those post I said in the beginning about my diabetes and some people to the wrong way,but you stood they can then and never gave up on me. I want to say thank you photo for being my friend not just supports for everything. I wish it was a way I can give you my e-mail, but I know the web M.D. has rules on given personal information, I know you don't believe in Facebook but if you ever get one please look me up, you have a friend in Pennsylvania always. You take a break as long you want, remember your friend Den always. PS photo. And group you would be proud. I finally got a great dietitian, she really cares and she's worrying about mice me. She was very strict and firm on how I was eating we had an hour and half session told me a lot. And she wants me to come back two months. For another session to keep me on track. She told me if I did numbers up and down it's bed for me she looked overall my blood sugar and it wasn't good. She wants me to test two or three times and follow with your doctors appointment and work hard. She even gave me some homework to work on my diabetes at work and home and of course my exercise. She also said to me if you could be on computer for three hours sitting then give yourself at least 45 min. of exercise, she notice I have some weight to lose especially my belly area
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
An_202932 responded:
tone is hard to convey over the internet, I don't mean to sound mean, but honestly, I don't read your posts becasue they are very long and there is no break (ie paragraphs) and I find it very difficult to read.

I usually give up after the second sentence.
MSUphysicsFRIB replied to phototaker's response:
I think I missed whatever happened. I have been busier because it's summer. I'm sorry about whatever it was that happened. I enjoy reading your posts--they are upbeat and inspiring. Keep up the Zumba and other dancing! It's awesome that you get to have a lesson from a "Dancing with the Stars" instructor.
MSUphysicsFRIB replied to An_202932's response:
I believe Den uses voice-recognition (or digital transcription) software. I can understand his posts. Sometimes I don't respond because I feel like I'm not very good at dispensing practical advice. But, I will try...


As for the belly-poking problem at work, you might have to be a bit firm with your request (but not too mean) so that the kid takes you seriously. Try this response (or something similar) first: "OK, come on, dude---the belly poking is getting old. Please cut it out." You can use a jovial (joking) tone the first time you ask him to stop, if you would like. If he keeps poking you, though, you might have to use a firmer tone.

As for your concerns regarding children, I have also wondered if passing on my genes would be the "right" thing to do. However, it can be really hard to tell if physical and mental health problems were brought on by the environment or by genes. I think that your mom is correct, in that the time to really consider this question is when your life is stable, and you are settled in a long term relationship. As Michelle has suggested, geneticists might be of some help, but even they can't necessarily determine whether an ailment is genetic in origin.
An_202933 replied to An_202932's response:

I agree with you about tone and following a large unbroken patch of words.

My thought is since I often have a difficult time understanding the point or question, I simply do not respond. No one is left questioning my motive and no one gets offended.

The thing you must remember about message boards is everyone gets something differnent out of them...some people need to be supported and others need to support. What a powerful concept! I am glad you are here too.

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