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    I've been peeing a LOT, with dry mouth and thirst. All blood work has come back normal. Now what?
    sparkly_fingerpaint posted:
    I'm kind of going crazy here and don't know what to do. On and off over the last few years, I've had periods where I have to pee a lot, sometimes as much as every hour, particularly at night and in the morning. It's actually a lot of fluid, not just the urge to urinate. At first I thought it was because I was trying to lose weight, and habitually drinking instead of overeating, which was probably true.

    But I've been concerned, so over these few years I've had two fasting blood glucose tests, one random blood glucose test from a diabetic friend with a meter, and one random urine test given as part of a job-related physical. The most recent test was two months ago, when these symptoms had recurred. Each time, I've dreaded the results. Each time, they've come back NORMAL (as my family and friends all predicted).

    Which is a relief, but I'm wondering what else could be going on? Lately I've been thirsty too, and the urine has been clear, almost like water. I've also felt tired and a bit dehydrated. These symptoms don't seem to have anything to do with what I eat. I recently emerged from a long stressful period in my life, and would hate to add another stressor to my life just when it's finally going well. I'm still young and there's so much I want to experience. I also don't want to "cry wolf" again and have to pay for any more unnecessary medical tests. So what should I do? Any ideas as to what might possibly be going on with my stupid wee?
    sparkly_fingerpaint responded:
    oops, I didn't even introduce myself. Hi everyone
    davedsel57 responded:
    Sorry, but it is both impossible and against the rules here to provide any type of diagnosis or medical advice. You really need to discuss this with your doctor, who is the only one who can determine what is causing your symptoms. Perhaps it is time to see a urologist for evaluation and treatment.
    mhall6252 responded:
    This is definitely a question you should address to your doctor. You should make an appointment and get checked out. We can't possibly know.

    Ctodd0628 responded:
    Did you ever find out what could be going on? I have the same exact symptoms.
    An_251837 replied to Ctodd0628's response:
    Since you are having the exact same symptoms, then the answer is exactly the same. You need to see your doctor for evaluation and treatment.
    door_tech responded:
    My dad has been peeing and dry mouth for the past month. I took him to the VA today and he has diabetes.
    davedsel2 responded:
    Glucose meters and strips are inexpensive at WalMart. Buy these items and test your fasting blood sugar in the morning - nothing to eat and only very little water for 10-12 hours.

    "Normal" readings would be 70-99. A reading of 100-125 would indicate possible pre-diabetes. A reading of 126 would indicate full diabetes. Do this periodically and see what your results are. If you are above 99, then discuss this with your doctor asap. If they are not, you still should discuss all this with your doctor in light of the symptoms you post.
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