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Foot Pain
An_236824 posted:
My husband was diagnosed with type 2 about 3 months ago. He is having a lot of discomfort tonight, this is what he calls tingles and needle feelings. Is this normal? What can we do about this? Any info will help. THANK YOU
Laurie Anderson, MSN, RNP, CDOE responded:
Hi, please have him talk with his health care provider as soon as possible. It sounds like he is suffering from diabetes related neuropathy, which is caused by damage to the nerve endings from high blood glucose. This is VERY common when one is first diagnosed, especially as the blood glucose starts to come down with treatment. Tell him to be patient; it will get better as his diabetes control improves. There are medications to help control this discomfort and one can stop it's progression by controlling the blood glucose within a normal range. Take care, Laurie