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question about asking for insulin as a prn.
MockBe posted:
don't like to wait for my medication to knock out a high that sometimes makes my life miserable when i am now working three jobs.
i know it sounds strange, but does it sound bad if it worked?...i had a pretty bad high sugar last week, and my my friend had insulin 5 unit prn shots pre set, and i used one....i was amazed how quickly it worked, and how it made my day more managable...
i might even just ask for lantus pens or something....
cookiedog responded:
Are you saying that you do not normally use insulin and you used some of another person's supply? That is a very, very, very bad idea.

No one should ever take any prescription drug unless prescribed by theirpersonal doctor.

Your friend could be in real trouble and so could you.

I am actually shocked you did this.
DavidHueben responded:

I agree with Cookie. Using insulin without supervision from a doctor was a really bad idea. Don't ever do that again. Yes, it "sounds" bad. Do you even know what "PRN" means?

We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

- Winston S. Churchill

davedsel57 responded:
Your decision was unfortunately very poor and potentially very dangerous. I think you need to contact your doctor asap for help in better managing your Diabetes.

MockBe replied to cookiedog's response:
oh lord...
i did. but i was stuck at 350 and could not handle it. i agree.
what was i thinking? i will see my doctor for sure.
please, anyone who read this, do not use any medication that is not prescribed for you....
auriga1 replied to MockBe's response:
Well, now you know you shouldn't have done that, MockBe. Insulin can be dangerous for those who don't know how to use it. What would you have done if you used too much? Insulin is prescribed in increments by a doctor according to how much a person weighs and adjusted from herein out to see how effective that dosage is. My Lantus has been adjusted throughout the years. Diabetes is individual as that person is; insulin dosaging is the same.

Do you know why you hit 350? Was it something you ate? Did you forget to take your medication at the prescribed time?

Insulin will bring your numbers down (for most people.)

Have you had your A1C done lately? If you are eating right and taking the meds, you shouldn't be having those highs like that. Be careful in the future. Have a talk with your doctor if your diabetes is not manageable.

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