Decent numbers
liladieni posted:
Finally, a Dr. visit with some decent numbers. My a1C is down to 6.7...never have been able to get it below 7 before. Cholesterol is "near normal" though I can't remember the numbers exactly. Kidney function holding steady with a GFR of least it isn't getting any worse right now.

As for the low bs episodes I've been having, hopefully a little better control of medication and mealtimes will prevent those. They aren't too frequent anyway, maybe 2 or 3 a month.

So, I think I need a reward. Some extra time playing my favorite game will do it. Thats better than the huge ice cream sunday I want anyway, lol.
phototaker responded:
You must feel so proud of yourself, with going downward on your A1C! Great job! BETTER REWARD!
liladieni replied to phototaker's response:
Thanks photo

Hopefully, I'll get the a1C down even more before the next round of tests, and drop a few pounds as well. I had a small weight loss this time, a couple of pounds, going to try for a bigger one over the next three months.