Recovery Drink for Diabetes
ManiRGS posted:
I started my p90X workout last week after consulting my doctor. After the first day of workout, my group suggested a recovery drink and it felt good the next day. Day before yesterday, I was browsing through the nutrition information of the contents of the recovery drink and I saw couple of them had 20g of sugar. I was worried.
Can anyone suggest any recovery drink for diabetes after workout like p90x.
The drink that we make currently has the following.
10 oz water
2 oz orange juice
1 tsp A-AKG (arginine)
1 tsp L-Glutomine
1 scoop Accelerade Orange
1 scoop of 100% vanilla whey protein

davedsel57 responded:

Would Gatorade G2 work for you? It has 20 calories ad 5 grams of carbs (sugar) per 8 ounce serving. Not sure if you can use this as a "recovery drink". My family and I use this if any of us have a stomach virus.

Here is a link to the information regarding G2:

Good luck.

auriga1 responded:
Do not know what you are referring to there, but why do you need a recovery drink? Just asking.

You're right to worry about the 20 grams of carbs, unless - unless your sugar drops after the workout. Your post is non-specific as to how you treat your diabetes, whether exercise and diet along, with meds and/or insulin.

I am not familiar with "recovery" drinks. The only thing I bring with me to exercise is Powerade. I use insulin and my BS has a tendency to drop 50 or more points while exercising.

Powerade also comes with zero sugar. Powerade Zero.

Maybe someone will stop by who uses "recovery" drinks.
ami_nix responded:
My SO drinks recovery and energy drinks and I'm pretty sure he accidently got a Rockstar recovery that was no carbs. It may have been another brand that they sell at the convenience stores. I had a taste and it was pretty good if you like diet soda. Not sure if that's the same thing you are talking about but, I thought I'd share
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ManiRGS replied to ami_nix's response:
Thanks all for the response. The suggestion of Powerade and Gatorade is for drinking during the exercise. The recovery drink is after the workout. P90X is a heavy workout and will wear out your muscles and for recovering those the muscles need lot of protein and a recovery drink is recommended. This will start to help your muscles to recover when you are resting/sleeping at night. For normal workouts like treadmill, walking or jogging you dont need the recovery drink and Gatorade/Powerade will work, but for heavy workouts (not during but after heavy workouts), a recovery drink is recommended.
Thanks everyone for your tips.
davedsel57 replied to ManiRGS's response:
You would then do better to use Yahoo or Google search to find specific "Recovery Drinks" for diabetics, or post your question on the WebMD Fitness & Exercise Community here:

davedsel57 replied to davedsel57's response:
Sorry, I just saw that you did post in that community and got an answer. Very good.

JillForest responded:
Sorry this is a little off topic but I was wondering how your experience was with px90 ?? I just checked bout the website and it seems legit. And did you buy one of the kits that came with it?? Thank in advance!
An_245101 replied to JillForest's response:
Sorry Jill He made only 2 discussions one year ago and has not been back since. I doubt he will be back to answer your question.