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Monday Muster - October 3rd!
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
A WebMD Diabetes Community tradition, here is where we check in and talk about the weekend and what we are facing in the next 7 days!

Who is first?


p.s. OCTOBER?!? Time is flying!
Liladieni responded:
Lets see....last week was really pretty ordinary. Not much going on and nothing unusual. I did have a couple of symptomatic lows, but that happens from time to time anyway.

This appointment today for an eye exam. Going to hang out with my dad for a bit on Wednesday. Other than that, just the same old routine, taking one day at a time.
candy352 replied to Liladieni's response:
This weekend my fiancee and I moved into a smaller place in order to save some money. He had to lift almost everything and I was really concerned about that. He tries to be Superman sometimes. I began decorating and putting everything away, but I still have a long way to go. I felt pretty proud that I actually unpacked all of my clothes. It usually takes me a couple of weeks, LOL. This week we continue our premarital classes and continue my weekly doctor appts. My blood sugar levels have been pretty good, except for the day when I just had to have a sub and some Combos. They were so good.
davedsel57 responded:
Good morning, everyone.

The weekend was cold and rainy. Not too much activity for us other than church yesterday.

Last Tuesday I got a call from the nurse at my dad's Assisted Living Facility at 2:00 am - you know that is never good. He had fallen in his bathroom and they took him by ambulance to the VA hospital. They stapled his head wound there and did some testing, then transferred him to another hospital that specializes in head woulds for further testing. Everything turned out OK and we got him back to his apartment about 1:00 pm. The nursing staff at his facility has been paying close attention to him and he is doing OK.

This week we are going on Wednesday to my dad's mobile home to do some more work to get it ready for sale. He is coming with us and we are meeting a friend of his for lunch.

Tuesday and Wednesday for me are pre-op appointments with the eye doctor and primary doctor in preparation for my cataract surgeries on 10/25 and 11/8. I will have blood work done tomorrow morning and discuss the results with my primary doctor on Thursday and get his clearance for surgery.
I'm looking forward to the results as I am really having some difficulty seeing clearly.

Have a blessed and marvelous Monday and wonderful week, friends.

DavidHueben responded:
This last weekend I watched college/NFL games and the MLB playoffs.

I have no plans for this week besides mowing my back yard and watching baseball.

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betaquartz responded:
Quiet weekend with all of the rain. This week is clean out for community, so I'll get rid of some of the stuff in the shop. More cleaning to do there. Exercise on the total gym, and push ups and side plank dips. Thursday, or Friday we get nicer weather so maybe out with the kayak and bike.
mhall6252 responded:
We had a busy weekend with friends and family. Today I am relaxing and letting the last of the chemo side effects evacuate my body! I have an appointment on Wednesday with the DIEP micro-vascular surgeon in Boston, and I will visit my mom - probably tomorrow.

On a positive diabetes management note, my recent FBS have hovered below 100 for the first time in eleven years. It's not what I would have expected given the large steroid dose on Wednesday as part of my pre-meds, and the appeal of more carby foods than normal as my taste buds are still quite "off." I am beginning to wonder if one of the supplements I am taking to prevent chemo-induced neuropathy is having an effect. Anyone have any experience with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl L-Carnitine? In the past I've tried cinnamon, chromium picolinate, etc and never felt that they made much of a difference.
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auriga1 responded:
It was a beautiful weekend weather wise. After raining for seven days straight, it is absolutely delightful. Crystal clear blue skies with temps in the 70's and heading to the 80's this weekend.

Weekend itself was ick. Last Monday, started feeling that little feeling like a UTI. I'm thinking to myself I haven't been drinking enough water, but that's never the case. I drink water all day long. Then I noticed cloudy urine. Uh oh. Called and went to the doctor Thursday and sure enough, it was confirmed. UTI with accompanying fever. Felt terrible and crashed after the doctor visit. Three days of 1,000 mgs. of Cipro. Lovely. No appetite when taking that. Anyone whose had a UTI knows that this is not fun. Painful.

Much, much better today. Playing the whole week by ear. Little errands to run each day.

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