Swelling on the left side, pain to the touch
I have swelling to the left side just below the ribe cage,and its very painfull to the touch from the left side of my bellybutton around to my back. I have had CT scans and a MRI. Its very painfull to wear a shirt or have a blanket on me. I have no rash
I will have another MRI for the middle back soon (Dr is looking for a pinched nerve). If the MRI shows no pinched nerve any idea what the cause could be? This has been going on since may of 2011.My CT scan came back normal but my diabetes was not in good control (A1C 11.7) I now have it under control.Please give me any advice and or what could be the cause.What other test can I take.
davedsel57 responded:

I'm sorry, but it is against the rules in all WebMD communities to provide any type of diagnosis or medical advice. Plus, that is impossible to do over any internet message board.

Continue to pursue this with your doctors.
hootyowl2 responded:
Please do keep your doctors on this. I have no idea why they cannot figure it out, but I am not a doctor.

amanda2581 responded:
Have you seen a gastro dr. for a colonascopy ?
phototaker responded:
I was going to come up with a suggestion yesterday, but I couldn't get into WebMD with my old password. All I did was look up swelling below rib cage, and came up with some possibilities to read.
Here are some things to read. I'm not sure if they will be helpful or harmful with ideas:

You can make suggestions to your doctor when you see them next, if anything clicks with your symptoms. Don't assume anything.