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Monday Muster - Hallowe'en Part 2
Caprice_WebMD_Staff posted:
Hi all! I see that Haylen began the Hallowe'en discussion last week and I thought we could continue today.

How are you all doing? It's good to be reading here again and seeing some of my favorite faces. (Haylen will be back tomorrow.) *waves*

How are you going to be spending this evening? If you give out candy, do you try to set an example by giving healthy treats? And if you do have candy in the house, how do you pace yourself and not eat it yourself?
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laura2gemini2 responded:
I am dressed up here at work today, one of maybe 4 people total who decided to. Everyone in my department was participating in a "trick or treat" candy exchange, but I decided not to participate since I've finally started losing weight again. They still gave me stuff, so I hid it in my bad and am going to give it to some kids.

Funny enough, today is the 12 year anniversary of being diagnosed with diabetes. I was 16 and everyone in the hospital got treat bags except for me Now I celebrate with organic fruit jellies which taste just as good as the candy.
mhall6252 responded:
We are hanging out at a hotel as the snowstorm knocked out our power, cable, internet and phones on Saturday around 5 p.m. It could be a few more days before things are back to normal. We have a well, so without power there is no water. Without water, there is no toilet flushing.

Trick or treat is being either cancelled or delayed in most cities around here. It's just way too dangerous with downed power lines and trees blocking hundreds of roads. We are going to my daughter's SIL's house, and we will make up a trick or treat game for the kids so they won't be disappointed. My oldest grandson suggested Trick or Treat, Hide and Seek. I think that means the grownups will hide and give out a treat when the kids find us. LOL, should be interesting!

I'm not a big candy eater, but I bought Snickers and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I might just indulge in one or two myself!

Good example? Well, perhaps the ability to allow for a treat without overdoing it could be considered setting a good example! We have encouraged the grandkids to eat healthy food all day long, knowing that they will get plenty of treats tonight. All things in moderation!
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candy352 responded:
I spent the evening volunteering at my church's Trunk or Treat event. I watched all the kiddies on the bounce house where I was stationed. Such cute children in their costumes. Didn't have any candy today. But I really don't need it. Even though I could really go for some sour skittles.
DianeR01 responded:
Hi Caprice!

I spent the evening with my family. We have only 1 child, if you can call a 15 yo a child, on our street so we turned off the outside lights and did not buy candy. Problem solved. It is many years since we lived in an area with small children.

Today I started a new job. It was a little stressful but I knew I would be spending the day with my new boss so I brought a baggie of nuts to snack on if necessary and packed a half peanut butter sandwich just in case. We ended up going to lunch and I was able to order a salad with broiled fish and had a small slice of sourdough bread. Did ok.

No Halloween pics but our winter garden is starting to sprout. We have beans, peas, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and broccoli. Of course there are herbs too. Most folks cannot grow veggies in the winter but there advantages to living in the desert.

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nwsmom replied to DianeR01's response:
HI! I had 9 (count 'em, 9) Trick or Treaters last evening. Handed out individual bags of goldfish crackers instead of candy. The kids were really pleased!
auriga1 responded:
Day after Halloween. Do miss dressing my kids up for the day. They are grown and do their own thing.

Had loads of kids last night. Hubby purchased two bags of Tootsie Pops with 135 miniature pops in each. Nearly all gone. Maybe 75 kids tromped on by. They came in large groups.

No healthy treats. Ever. LOL. One day of the year, let them have candy. If healthy treats were handed out, I suspect we would have few trolling the streets.
betaquartz responded:
Trick or Treat here was last Thursday, and as I bowl on Thursday nights and wife was still in the hospital, I did not participate.

Candy around the house? All the time. My wife likes her little snacks, and enjoys them. I don't begrudge her or judge her. Me? All of those bowls of poison don't even tempt me anymore. I stick to my one piece of dark chocolate. However, this time over year every once in a while I have a Mini Milky Way Midnight.
auriga1 replied to betaquartz's response:
Beta, those "Midnights" are delightful frozen, too.
betaquartz replied to auriga1's response:
Yes, I do freeze them!

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