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    i am not sure i am diabetic ?????????
    sameer777 posted:
    went to doc saying that i am feeling very weak , so he test my sugar level at random it came 310 , dont forget i was in too much stress at that day , any way he told me to take getryl 2 mg morning and at night before meal , i took for the whole week but i was feeling more sick ,than he double the dose and i have vision problem i get more sick sleeping whole day and eating alot i was completely sick and my bg or sugar were same , i was feeling more awful i went back to him he gave me amyryl 4 + 4 before meal and added 500 mg glucophage but this night i felt more ill and could not sleep and had bad bowel thing also i could sleep the whole night , so i stop stop my self to taking these drugs and after 2 days i started to feel better ..... now its been 2 weeks i am without drugs but i have problem of weakness but better than on drugs and urination and water drinking alot and extreme hunger i eat alot ..... but i take control on my carbs and sweets completely took out sweets and sodas and all stuff ...............

    and now after coming out of drugs i feel better , not that like drinking water but when i am in stress i get more sick i am not sure i am deibetic or depressed .... my blood sugar comes high when i am stressed a new doc gave me metformin which i am afriad to take and he gave me anti anxiety and anti depression meds to .....should i try using those meds .... should i ???????????

    Thanks alot
    flutetooter responded:
    I looked up "getryl" and "amyryl" and found neither. Maybe someone elso knows what you meant. Metformin is the generic for glucophage so I hope you aren't taking both of those at the same time with two different doctors.

    You say you are watching your carbs and sweets, but still eat a lot. What foods do you include in your definition of "carbs"? It sure sounds like you have something real going wrong with your body, but IMO you need to stick with one doctor at a time and ask him what he is treating you for and how long it should take for the medicines to work. Also, what are the medicines and what is he giving them to you for. Keep us posted as to what you find out.

    By the way 310 is high even for a random blood sugar number. Have you been diagnosed as a diabetic and given a diet to follow or drugs or insulin?
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
    laura2gemini2 replied to flutetooter's response:
    Maybe Amaryl, which is the brand version of glimeperide?
    flutetooter responded:
    O.K. Sameer, I found more information on your diabetic drugs. Getryl is used mostly in the UK and Amaryl is the same type of drug, which causes your pancreas to secrete more insulin. It also causes your pancreas to wear out sooner in its ability to produce beta cells that make your own body's insulin. They are other (newer) drugs available that work in a different way

    Metformin (Glucophage) aids in making your body utillize the sugars better. It seems that you are taking a whole bunch of stuff without really understanding what the disease, diabetes, really is. Staying in bed all day, eating a lot, seeing two different doctors, and stressing out are not good for you no matter what ails you. NO wonder you have high sugars, gut distress, vision problems, and complete lack of energy.

    Please go back to your doctor and ask for a dietician and an information program on how to handle diabetes. It seem to me that you may be in a country other than the U.S. and your medical care may be different.
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
    reitze responded:
    IMHO you're right to challenge and even reject Dr Pusher. I was sent multiple death-threat letters from a Dr who wanted me on Metfomin - and I'm thankful I never went down that road.

    BTW, notice I'm saying DON'T LISTEN TO YOUR DR - it appears he's keeping you sick while making money on you. That's not helpful.

    My best recommendation is to keep doing the things you've already been doing while reading up on things that work for people. Check my profile for a story similar to your where I've been reversed T2 for over 3 years. YOU CAN DO IT!

    On your new reading quest (hope you go for that), Death To Diabetes seems the leading book IMHO. Bernsteins was good in its day but is more T1 oriented. The other 4 I read were garbage - re-enforcing Dr Pushers.
    reitze replied to reitze's response:
    BTW, those BG# ARE DIABETIC. So I'm not saying don't worry about T2 - you seem to have it. But don't just blindly believe someone who's extorting your money and making you sick - pushing deadly drugs before diet based adjustments, etc. And if you do think you NEED a doctor - IMHO you need to shop again - find a more honest one who will help you rather than tell you do things that hurt like that.
    reitze responded:
    and he gave me anti anxiety and anti depression meds to .....should i try using those meds .... should i ???????????

    IMHO that's like trying heroine. Like Abilify is a common one thats' based on OPIUM. The psyc-field isn't amune to the "Dr Pusher" prolem either. For example: Therapist "Brainwashed" women Into Believing She Was In Satanic Cult ". And no I'm not anti-DR, but there certainly are systemic problems in our medical system that seems to encourage widespread over-drugging for profits.

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