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Haylen where is my post?
teddybear200 posted:
Hi Haylen do you know why my post is gone? The one to Dr D about the shakes and bars. 2 Hrs ago it was on the first page now I can't find it. I would like to hear his side of the comments from Delorse.

Did I do something wrong?
One day I will soar on wings of an Eagle - Deb
Anon_527 responded:
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hey Deb...

Your post is still there. (Thank you to Anon for the link!) FYI: clicking on your profile name (teddybear200) will take you to your profile page where you can scoll down to see all of your posts.


FYI - If the community team removes a post, a letter of explanation is always sent!
teddybear200 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Yes I found it via the link and my name. But the question still is why was it removed from the front pages where it has been?

If one adds to a post - it stays where we can see it. If one doesn't add anything to a post it creeps down the page to the 2nd page. Mine just left and not to the 2nd page.

Can you please make sure Dr. Dansinger revisits it. Thank you very much.
One day I will soar on wings of an Eagle - Deb
Michael Dansinger, MD replied to teddybear200's response:
Hi Deb,

From your previous post:
Dr D could you revisit this - pointed comments made to you. Thank you.

DoloresTeresa has not said anything about the bars just the shakes. So are they good for us or not? If there was "arsenic" in the shakes won't one get sick or even die? I thought Arsenic was poison!

Deb, you asked a good question about the nutritional aspects of the Biggest Loser shakes, and I gave a long answer (previously) indicating my mixed feelings about the potential benefits and drawbacks of shakes and bars as meal replacements. I voiced a centrist opinion on the topic, and I stood by the Biggest Loser shakes and bars as the best I could do to make something I could stand behind, given the limitations of the current state of food processing technology. If you're asking if the shakes are healthy my response is yes, if they are used to replace less healthy foods such as processed starches or sweets. Obviously whole natural foods are best.

The shakes do not contain arsenic (obviously).

Have you tasted the bars yet?
teddybear200 replied to Michael Dansinger, MD's response:
Dr. Dansinger, Thank you very much for responding - as for the shakes I am not using them as a substitute for whole foods. I do like them and because of my lack of colon I have to watch "all" that I eat or drink.

The shakes do not raise my sugars and I drink them like I would milk - which I can not drink. Thanks for the clarifications of the shakes not having "arsenic" in them - as I stated in the other post if it had "arsenic" in them I probably would get very sick which I have not.

As for the bars - I buy the Peanut Butter Chocolatey Chip ones. I absolutely love them. When I am craving chocolate I grab one of these - I eat only one a day and it usually is at night - I love the cocoa flavor in them. Again with these my sugars do not rise.

Diabetes diets are not one size fits all - I have many other health issues which causes me not to consume the "typical" diabetes food plan of all plant foods. I have autonomic disorders, 10" of a colon left and much more.

So consuming good products that work for ME I am okay with despite some of the other posters comments. I can not eat greens or salads since my colon surgery.

I am in control of my diabetes and have put it in remission by diet alone - been off my meds since Mar. 2010 - I can not exercise. My A1c is 5.4% and my BMI is 23.4.

I start pulmonary rehab on Dec. 13th so that I can increase my lungs so I can breath while exercising - I am not over weight so I do not need to lose weight - I can not exercise because of my health issues - so some posters need to respect others. We need to eat what works for us. Not tell others they have to eat this and that and not eat this or that cause it is bad for us. We need to check with our Drs about our food plans - they know what we can and can not eat.
One day I will soar on wings of an Eagle - Deb

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