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Is this a good breakfast drink?
angelintrini posted:
Saw Dr. Oz's green drink on his website. Combine in blender, 2 cups spinach, 2 cups cucumber, 1head celery, 1/2' or tsp. ginger, 1 bunch parsley, 2 apples , juice of 1 lime and juice of 1/2 lemon. Dont know if it will be filling but I want to try it.
mhall6252 responded:
It would seem that with no protein or fat, it's a bit 'one-sided' in the carb department. And how much of this concoction is one portion?

I am not a fan of juicing. I prefer to "chew" rather than drink my fruits and veggies, and chewing is part of my "satisfaction" with eating. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it, it's just not my thing. I also like the idea that you are eating all the fiber that comes with the fruits and veggies. Not sure how that works with a juicer - does it strain out all the fiber?
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teddybear200 responded:
I am with Michelle on this one - I prefer to eat my veggies and apple. Also for me I would not be thinking about drinking it because it is loaded with Vit. K. if anyone is on blood thinners or some heart medicines they need to be careful what they consume.

If it is in the blender how juicy does it get? If you don't have a problem with Vit. K go for it and see what it does for your sugars maybe nothing at all.
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angelintrini replied to mhall6252's response:
mhall, teddybear I hear you. It's about 3 -4 servings. Never really got into juicing myself because I can certainly do without the cleanup.
Hootyowl2 responded:
It doesnt have protien or fats as the others mentioned. I wouldnt touch it with a 10 foot pole myself. Blenderized spinach ???? Eeeewwww... Not to mention the other stuff just doesnt go together in my thinking. I think these TV docs are weird anyway, and I dont listen to them at all.

I think Dr Atkins was a quack. HIS arteries were all clogged up from his wacky diet when he died. The news was saying he was a walking heart attack and would have died soon anyway. I am not convinced that Dr Oz is any better myself.

I dont think I could keep this down for 5 minutes anway, just reading the recipe makes me feel sick.

DoloresTeresa replied to mhall6252's response:
This is more of a smoothie than a juice since a blender is used not a juicer. The fiber is retained and amounts to about 16 grams of fiber which many people on the SAD are lucky if they get in a whole day. There is protein. Around 7 to 8 grams. There is only about a gram of fat. And lots of vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Fuhrman would throw in some nuts or seeds which would add more protein, fiber and fat.

I prefer to eat rather than drink my breakfast.


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