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Is there a quick way to bring down my sugar levels without medication?
paulinehill posted:
I use to be on insulin, humolog and lantis. I took it for about 3 years About a year ago I was tested again and it was leaning towards the higher side. I had been in a car accident and my mother passed from serious injuries from it. My dr thought maybe it could have been from the trama I was going through. I havent been checked since. I've been having headaches, blurred vision,frequent urination, horrible mood swings and really thirsty. I checked my blood sugar this morning and it was 180. Is there something I can do to lower it real quick? I dont have any meds and no money for dr. visit today.
nutrijoy responded:
You really need to be under medical supervision or guidance if you were previously on insulin. Without meds, the only way that has worked for me is exercise such as taking a really brisk walk of at least an hour's duration. Sometimes more intensive exercise will bring it down even faster but it is a double-edged sword. Intensive exercise can sometimes increase blood glucose levels instead of lowering them and it is not possible to accurately predict what your results will be in advance due to a wide range of individual metabolic factors and variances.

Less intensive exercise (such as an extended walk) will yield more consistent results but it may not fit your definition of "real quick?" (nothing beats fast-acting insulin for that).
hootyowl2 responded:
Why did you go off your insulins ? Diabetes is for life. If you have trouble affording your meds, the drug companies have programs to help you get the meds you need at little or no cost. The paperwork is a pain, but the HR person at your doc's office can help with it. Various other groups also help with medications and the cost. The Lions Club is one source to check into. Do a websearch, and you should come up with other options.

Drinking extra water can help lower it temporarily, but it is not a permanent option. You do need your insulins. Not everyone can tolerate extra fluids, ie, heart or kidney patients have to be cautious in their fluids.

I hope you can get your insulins back soon.

DoloresTeresa replied to hootyowl2's response:
I do not know if it is a universal law but in Pennsylvania an emergency room can't turn you away. If you would have trouble paying (ER's are expensive) tell them right off and they would probably assign you a social worker who is at the hospital and you could most likely get help with your meds. I say to use the ER because it is unlikely your doctor would have insulin on hand.

SoundTrackerStudio responded:
Hi to You Pauline,, seems' like hearing the same thing everywhere i go, iv;e been told to get on insulin a couple years ago, but i'm not on it yet, and i get very high sugars all the time,, my question is when you used lantis, was it harder for your pancreas to work without it,,iv'e been told that once your on it you can't get back off of it,,Thats why i never tryed it in the first place,, anything you might know, would sure help,, Thank You,, Sign Stubborn Old Indian,,,,,!!!
An_245101 replied to SoundTrackerStudio's response:
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