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Exercise as house cleaning for the body
brunosbud responded:
It is more than interesting...It's inspiring.

Thank you, DT. Puttin' on the x-trainers, now...
denial741974 responded:
Doris, I clicked on the link to read about it, but it was really hard for me to understand and comprehend. It was too much information for me. Can you please explain in your own way with article saying, cleaning house in your body.
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
DoloresTeresa replied to denial741974's response:
Autophagy literally means "self eating of flesh". Cells have enzymes to eat toxins and some proteins and whatever else that is cluttering them up--trash so to speak. Like if your house gets messy with stuff you don't need you have to get rid of it.

This is a normal process but it is thought that illnesses like diabetes and also the process of wrinkling and aging are due to a slowing down of the cell's ability to clean up the trash. Also I think I gathered from the article that cells can also eat themselves to death (apoptosis) which doesn't happen in cancer growth. The cells don't die but increase and spread in cancer. It is important that after so many divisions the cells die. You don't want them multiplying.

In most people, exercise kicks the housecleaning mechanism of the cell into overdrive, so to speak, and aids in control of blood sugar (everybody knows exercise is necessary for diabetics and a sedentary lifestyle makes one prone to diabetes) and has beneficial effects on other body systems.

One of Dr. McDougall's patients had breast cancer and switched to his diet (she is now for some reason on a raw food diet) and after removal of the tumor refused radiation or chemo. She was a runner and an athlete and continued to run after the surgery which was about twenty years ago. She is 73 now and continues running. Since she was running when she got the cancer, I tend to think that the fat free, animal product free diet in addition to the running was responsible for her continued good health. If I can find that video again I will post it here.

So if you are sitting down now--go for a walk.

denial741974 replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
Complicated stuff to comprehend, but it sounds like you in post it something to do with are cell cleaning the house, something like that.truth is I got nothing out of it, but exercise, I did 12 miles yesterday on my mountain bike. I think I did good for cells, but did not lose any weight so frustrated, but ate good. I had cheese raviolis and spinach and chicken balanced meal. Today I took a break from exercising really did nothing but decided this afternoon take a short walk my area. It was very short. I'm sorry Doris I could not comprehend your post. At least she credit for trying to read.
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
phototaker replied to denial741974's response:
It sounds like you got a little more than you think out of this, Den. Basically....exercise is good for helping to clean out the bad cells in your body! Eating healthier is good, too! Cheese raviolis will cause you to gain weight, if you're concerned about that. Keep during your exercise!
Thanks for breaking that down, Dolores.
Michael Dansinger, MD responded:
Thanks for posting this article. I found it interesting and it is new information for me.

I have been encouraging my patients to exercise and I've been exercising as well.

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