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Stuggles with Diabetes type two
Dawne62 posted:
Five days ago I met with my new Endocrinologist. I should have met him 8 years ago! I have struggled with my high blood sugars ever since 2003. This Dr. has made me understand what I have been doing wrong (nutritionally) in just 10 minutes. Bottom line for breakfast eat 40-45 grams of carbohydrate, for lunch eat 15-20, no more than 30 grams of carbohydrates, for dinner eat 20-25, no more than 30 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 snacks with 15-20 grams of carbohydrates. So that is approximately105-145 grams of carbohydrates each day. Next piece of advice he gave me -each meal MUST be eaten on a daily schedule (i.e.: breakfast always at 9am, lunch at 1 pm, dinner at 8pm) that is just my schedule, with a 1/2 hour variance. My sugar levels honestly have be running anywhere between 214-368!!!! In five days I have watched it come down to low 85 high 118! I am amazed; to say the least. What was I doing wrong? Silly me I believed all those packages of sugar free products…You know the ones that say NET CARBS only = some low #, all the while TOTAL carbs = some high # like 17g(just for example). I learned to look at ONLY at the TOTAL carbs in a food product (and not to subtract the fiber grams or alcohol sugars grams from the TOTAL carb grams), what is a serving, and stay within the caloric parameters my doctor set for me...wala. Oh yes-- stay within the measure of a serving!!! That was hard! So I bought a food scale and tossed out the measuring cups and spoons. Why you may ask, because I found that by dicing up fruits, or pureeing fruit you can get more into that measuring device. With a scale there is no fudging!!! An ounce is an ounce no matter how you cut it.

Now I will have to learn how to use my medicines safely. I am on 25units of Novolog at each meal, Levemir 40 units at night and Janumet 50/1000 1 in am and 1 in pm. Ok here is the but- since it is the weekend and my sugar is so low I am afraid to take my last meds at night. While you are asleep it is easy not to recognize if sugar levels go too low. So what I have done the last two nights is not take my evening Janumet, and take the Levemir in the am instead of the pm. My morning fast has dropped down to 116 from 248! I will call the Dr. Monday morning and let him know.

By the brain fog is gone, my eye sight is less blurry, and I have not fallen asleep after a meal. I used to basically fall asleep within 20 minutes of a meal. It was like I took a strong sleeping pill, and I could not fight it. All this in just 5 days!!! AMEN!!!!

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mhall6252 responded:
Most of us find that following a healthy diabetic food plan brings positive results. Good for you to have found a good doctor who help you to understand how to properly manage your carbs and insulin. Keep up the good work!
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nwsmom responded:
The poll doesn't work for those of us who say, "All of the above" only allows one choice.
betaquartz replied to nwsmom's response:
Yes the poll is not very accurate, as again it does not allow for multiple choices and even the choices are not enough. I beat back the beast with a combination of low starch diet, and exercise. True I am not very old to this game, being diagnosed in 2009, but at the same time my numbers are all in the normal range with a 5.8 A1C, and a fasting of 82. My low starch diet is from observing what works for me. Whenever I get "normal" amounts of bread, pasta, potatoes etc I get higher numbers, and the food seems to lay in my gut for hrs, and comes up literally. Now that I have really limited my starches to maybe one or two servings a day I don't have either problem.
DoloresTeresa responded:
There is nothing in this poll for someone who eats a plant based diet with some starches, no meat, fat, dairy. Also there is no way to register votes for diet and exercise. Or diet, exercise and meds.

DavidHueben replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
If you don't like this poll, then don't vote. You can always create your own poll.

The vast majority of people who regularly post here eat meat, dairy, fats, oils, and starches. There are very few vegetarians/vegans in the general population.
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to DavidHueben's response:
FYI - You can create a discussion or a poll or post a resource using the orange "post now" button at the top of this column.

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