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need to ask a question about the diabetes
denial741974 posted:
hello group, I need that has a question? need comments,if you all think that I'm gaining weight because what I'm eating. Let me ask you another question am I fat yes or no?I worry about this all the time, and my stubborn yes or no?my mom tells me I'm very stubborn is that true?are there little things I can change in myself?I I notice I don't take opinions very good and I take it to heart. I'm really worried about my belly and a prediabetes. For example today I had for breakfast, two slices of pizza, Sicilian and chicken farrago. With Snapple iced tea at a pizza place, do you really think that's wrong?I'm being very honest by telling you all this and maybe I can get help. My average food take is junk food in the house, but I don't eat sweets as much. Yes two times a week right now because of the weather. Could this be a problem for me in the future when I get into my 40s and 50s, how I'm eating because the truth is I don't know better. This is how I always ate. Please try to comment if you can. I want to see what I'm doing wrong on my eating. I'm talking about diabetes related.
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
flutetooter responded:
Den, Yes I think two slices of pizza plus other food for breakfast is wrong.! And so do you! Junk food is wrong and you know it! You DO know better. That food is wrong for diabetes, wrong for weight gain, wrong for fat belly, wrong for being lazy. Now cut it cut and behave yourself. You know how to eat healthy, how to exercise, and how to stop obsessing. YOu have good couselors. Listen to them. We are not counselors and we are tired of your comlaining. We will be glad to help you if you really start to do the right things.
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
Anon_527 responded:
I can not believe you would ask such a question after all the support you have received in this community. You certainly do know better. Posts like this are the reason I will only post anonymously in this community and why I long for the return of the "ignore" button.

You ask "Could this be a problem for me in the future when I get into my 40s and 50s". Absolutely, if you live that long.
barb10562 responded:
You are starting to annoy people here AGAIN. We have told you dozens of times how to help yourself. Your doctor has told you what to do and your mental illness therapist has told you how to help yourself. If you are gaining weight its because you are eating unhealthy foods and too much junk food. You have to grow up and take care of yourself. Its that simple.
phototaker responded:
I'm not going to criticize you, but you need to reread what you wrote, Den. I think we know this is your obsessive thoughts right now, and will not waste time commenting on it. You know what to do. Why are you even asking about the pizza and Snapple? Look it up online. can be a problem now...not just in the future.

Keep on track...go bike riding...have an egg white omelet or some oatmeal in the morning...stay away from pizza.

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