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You know I don't want to annoy people on purpose
denial741974 posted:
hello group, yes my mental illness get out of line sometime. But you all know at times. I can't help it. The only thing that helps me is the focus with my anxiety and OCD. I wish I could start all over for you guys to know me without mental illness, but this is me. A lot of regular people if they don't know what amount illnesses they don't accept, that's the reason why mental illness shush shush under the rug. Even with learning disability people don't accept, we get discrimination towards normal people. But the word is what's normal. I'm sorry that I drive you all crazy, yes there are times I do really good with myself, but am learning I can't completely expect other people to understand. My mom has a hard time but she really tries, she supports me anyway she can. I know you all support me and I'm grateful, I know deep down I have nothing to worry about my diabetes, because on the prediabetic, my sugar been under control from month now. I must be doing something right, I've been exercising walking and biking on my busy schedule day group I'm learning a lot but that teaches me I can't be perfect, I'm sorry I asked about that post but I was curious what I was doing wrong. I really don't know better and that's the truth, but at least some big trying for the past month and a half means of doing something right. You all should be proud I'm even proud. Moms prodded me in different ways. All try to work much better, do you notice group over the years my grammar and my spelling is much better in the post. It means I'm improving. That's all I could say I'll try not to complain anymore about the diabetes, but the truth is I worry and worry. I think we all do extend about our diabetes, but I know I compose over it and over it. So you all have a great evening.Den
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
phototaker responded:
I understand...
teddybear200 responded:
I also understand...
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barb10562 responded:
Hi Den- we all worry about diabetes but the truth is we can control ourselves if we really try. Im certainly not perfect . I had ice cream the other day and I know thats terrible for diabetes. But I have to keep on trying and so do you.
denial741974 responded:
Thank you photo, Barb and teddy bear. For understanding me. I feel okay tonight but I eat a lot because I did no exercise at all riding my bike. I started out okay in the morning at cornflakes with raisins, but I went to bed too late last night. And got up late this morning. My second meal I had today at dinnertime I was starving and had Chinese food, I know I shouldn't have it always make my sugar goes up. But I felt lousy after eat it. But I'm planning on going for a bike ride tomorrow and get it to night sleep tonight. My friends tell me who's not a diabetic, say if our sugar is high when we have diabetes or prediabetes, he told me it's better if it's 250, even more than low sugar, because he told me low sugar really going to coma is that true,but anyhow I really tried to keep it under control and not to get it to 250 or more or low numbers, yes I do get low numbers like yesterday in 80's but not to low.Den
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
phototaker replied to denial741974's response:
80 is not low...I "think" what your friend was saying was, that it's better not to go too low, like below 50. It's NOT good to have 250 either! Both are not good for you.

You're hearing what you want to hear, Den. I think you should not tell us what you're eating when you know what it's doing to you. Why tell us about the Chinese food and the pizza? You know it will cause your blood sugar to rise... I love both those things, too. Every time you mention it, I start having cravings for pizza and Chinese food. It's my responsibility to stop those cravings, and block what you're saying. Just eat it if you don't care anymore, and just don't talk about it, if you can. We ALL have something we crave, Den. I'm not going to talk about things I'm thinking of eating that are wrong for my body. I'm trying really hard to keep on track. Plan some strategies for yourself. I have talked about getting simple "other" things to eat when I have these cravings. Use those strategies when you start hearing the pizza and Chinese food voices calling out to you! If you eat it...then it's your choice. Please don't talk about it. No one here is going to be able to help you with that.
DavidHueben responded:

I don't think you "annoy" people. I think a better expression is that you sometimes frustrate people. You have been given lots of good eating suggestions for better to improve your diabetes. Yet, you continue to have pizza for breakfast and lots of Chinese food.

I also recall you saying that your budget makes it difficult to buy food, especially near the end of the month. Pizza and Chinese food (if delivery or carryout) are expensive in addition to being bad for you.

You are always complaining about your weight. Pizza and Chinese food are not going to help in that regard either.

Finally, as Photo said, having a blood glucose level in the 80's is not a low and not an excuse to gorge yourself. You need to develop a more consistent and healthy eating pattern. Overeating and then riding your bike is not going to get the job done. It is just going to be a "roller coaster ride".

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