Monday Muster! Here comes March!
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Is March coming in like a lion in your part of the country ?

Anyone watch the Oscars? Was Angela Jolie too skinny ?

How was the weekend and what is up for this week?

Hope everyone has a healthy and happy day -

hootyowl2 responded:
Most likely. We are due for severe storms on Tuesday...

I dont watch the awards shows, ick, boring.

Most likely I will be working outdoors, weather permitting. It is sunny and in the 50s today.

liladieni responded:
Sunny and mid 60s for Wednesday...not a bad start for March.

The Oscars? Nah....not into it.

Quiet weekend, cept for babysitting my grandson.

Nothing much this week coming up other than finals at school. Should be a pretty good week.
mhall6252 responded:
February is ending on a mild note but we might have a little winter weather for the beginning of March.

We watched the Oscars, gotta love the Red Carpet and the beautiful fashion. I didn't notice that Angelina Jolie was any skinnier than half the other stars. Her dress was beautiful although I found it amusing that she flashed her leg. I thought the show was well done albeit a little long. It's more interesting when you've seen many of the top movies, which was true for us this year.

This week I will be packing for a trip to Florida beginning on Sunday. Time to recharge the solar batteries. On Wednesday I'll be taking my daughter for an endoscopy, she's had some acid/tummy problems that nothing seems to touch.

I am on the verge of completing my very first month without a doctor appointment since June 2010. That is happiness!
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