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New with type 2 Diabetes
south70 posted:
I am new to this forum, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Nov. I was working with a dietician and a trainer. It got to be to much. I live an hour away from the facility and I was going 3xs a week. I stopped going and gained the 20lbs back. So, in the end I was put on metformin. I am avid about not taking pills, however, I thought I would see if this could bring down my numbers.. I have to see I am impressed. My numbers are down to normal levels and I am losing the weight much easier.
I can always use more support, for my husband works away from home.

phototaker responded:
You're lucky the Metformin worked for you. It hasn't for me, not at all. I've gained a few lbs.(my doctor said I'd lose), am not eating anything different, and my morning numbers are a little higher. This week it's more normal for me(when I wasn't using the medicine). I'm only on 500mg. of it.

If I were you, I'd go back to seeing the dietician and exercising again. I'd get that 20 lbs. off. I'm trying to do that. I also normally exercise 5 to 6 times a week for almost an hour.

Diabetes does progress with some people, so getting that weight off now will help you. I was able to keep my numbers lower for four years without medicine, with diet and exercise alone. I just started the Metformin a few months ago.

Stick on here as there are some people who have great ideas
in helping you eat the right foods. Each person is different.
For ex., I can't eat pineapple, bananas, grapes, or cherries without my blood sugar spiking. Some are able to do this.
You have to know what spikes your bs levels. What was your A1C the last time you were tested?
nwsmom replied to phototaker's response:
Photo, maybe if you took what is usually considered a "therapeutic dose" of Metformin, 1000 mg, you might see a difference. And possibly Met isn't the drug of choice for your body?

south70 replied to phototaker's response:
my A1C was 128 I was at 6.1 % . My doctor was happy with that but wants it lower. That was before the metformin.
south70 replied to nwsmom's response:
My cousin was not doing well on 500mg which is what I am on.. she ended up taking 500 morning and 1000 night time. It has done her so well, she was in the 300's and now she is down to normal levels.. they even just dropped her down and she has lost 65 lbs so far.. I am so proud of her, she has been big all of her life..
south70 replied to phototaker's response:
I have never been over 120 until I moved to Northern wisconsin where the winters are long and harsh. I stay cooped up in the house and do not go out unless I absolutely have to.. Then the pounds started to pack on .. Now I am a bit over 200.. I hate myself which DOES NOT help my weight.. I am working very hard at losing it.. My husband bought me a treadmill and a bike, some weights and a pilates ball.. the list goes on.. I have been doing very well with losing the weight now..I am down 5 lbs in 2 wks..
phototaker replied to south70's response:
Keep up the good work! Do you like to dance? Is there a gym near you? We have zumba and UJam at our gym. It feels like you're just dancing for an hour and not working out at all. I have such a good time.

You're doing great!
phototaker replied to nwsmom's response:
Nancy, I had an e-mail to my doctor this week. I suggested upping the dose. She wants me to record my morning fasting numbers. I'm doing that. We'll see what she says. My morning numbers have been in the 120's and today in the 130's. I have not exercised since Wed., as I hurt my back and neck, and have been in pain. I'm "just" starting to feel better and will try UJam tonight.

teddybear200 replied to phototaker's response:
Photo could there be the possibility that you could have "dawn phenomenon"

Your morning highs seem to look like that. When do you eat your last meal or snack before going to bed?

With myself I have noticed lately that if I eat a small amount of protein at about 11pm just before bed my numbers are in the low 80's when I wake - when I don't eat at 11pm my numbers have been in the high 90's up to 103. Of course this isn't as high as yours just my recent experience. I hope this helps you, Deb.
One day I will soar on wings of an Eagle.
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phototaker replied to teddybear200's response:
Hi Deb,
I'm usually the one that tells people about "Dawn Phenomenon". I have dinner around 5:00, and then workout at 5:30, or workout at 4:30, and eat at 6:00. I have a snack when I get home...around 7:00, 7:30. Sometimes I do my food shopping after working out.
teddybear200 replied to phototaker's response:
Maybe you could try some protein with minimal carbs a little later than 7ish. Perhaps you are going too long without eating and that could raise your sugars. Of course this is all a thought or suggestion. But it is up to your Dr to make the diagnosis. I do know you are the one who let's people know about the dawn phen....
One day I will soar on wings of an Eagle.
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