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group you frustrated me
denial741974 posted:
hello group, I will say this one more time and not repeat again, a couple of days ago when I said I was in the make-believe world, I was extremely happy.the meds are working really well and I'm telling the truth, it's frustrated when I get e-mail from the web M.D. that their concern that I'm hurting myself, but I'm not, you all are reading into my post the wrong way. Yes bipolar borderline bipolar there are times I'm happy and there are times I'm extremely happy. And there extremely sad, with the schizoaffective I hear voices but with the good meds I'm on I don't hear voices. I'm really sorry for posting anything for the whole web M.D. to be confused. I know you all love me and care for me. And want the best for me. I'm sorry who I am but try to please accept me for me. I know photo really tries and others but photo can relate what's going on because she has a brother that is bipolar she kinds understands. You'll have to try to understand my disease, it's only way that any biking communicate with me, I'm not a bad person, when my meds astray now and ctrolled,I'm a really nice person and people don't really notice it so much with the mental illness. I'm asking group to be a little patient with me. I know it's not easy think about this it's not easy for me either and I lived through it every day. I'm asking please try to accept me for me. I know in the past you all think I'm lying about when I'm happy and what's going on and I'm sad, yes it's true a month ago my boss called a job coach since my accident and said if he don't get his act together I will have to let them go, that was a month ago since then on improving and working hard in accepting that my car is total. And I can't change that. I'm even doing big steps taken a bus transportation share ride my mountain bike and walking all over. My peer to me food shopping yesterday and got food yes it was in the best food shopping but I got food that what counts, yes I was dizzy all day. I had to bagel and eight song pepper and catch up with onion, two of them, and a large iced tea, and I was very dizzy, that's the truth believe me or not. I'm being really real and everything I say in the post is true I may say too much true stuff and personal stuff on the board for everyone to hear me, yes I'm in the mistake couple years ago post when I said have cancer. I don't know what the reason I said that for but the only thing I could say I said that for my mental illness without control that year and that post. I'm sorry for writing a post I wish I could change that, but when my mental illness is out of control I'm not good for anyone my job my mom web M.D. no one. But like I said before with the right meds I'm on good, I'm smart I'm good caring and kind will give a lot of love to that lady some day. That's all I can say please web M.D. if you have something to say to me say it just don't e-mail me and think I'm killing myself am not. I'm very happy the last week and a half new may believe me.but I am yes at times I'm extremely happy and silly but that's me, you just have to get to know me in person and you will understand me. Thanks for listening.Den p.s learning to more positive day
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thanks for letting us know, Den.

I'm sorry those letters and responses can sometimes frustrate you but we will always err on the side of caution if there's any reason to feel concerned about one of our members, just in case. We want to ensure your safety.

I'm glad you have friends here and are comfortable talking about your diabetes and more.

Please consider also posting on our Bipolar Disorder Community . (No, you don't have to, but it's a good idea.) You'll find a lot of very supportive people there who really understand how all of this can be for you. There's no reason you can't post on both, depending on the situation.
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denial741974 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
carprce, I just get pissed off, when people don't understand my condition, I just wish people can understand even the people don't have a mental illness it's still a stigma because I have learned a mental illness. We should accept each other not criticize us that all I can say. P.s it the same difference when somebody's large, that's right relate to large people you ever heard of Fat acceptance. They're not accepted either and not sad, this world people to judge mental and criticize other people. We should love each other have peace on earth, and to accept what kind of condition we have. But I'm tired of repeating. I think I should leave for while and you guys can think how I feel.
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
laura2gemini2 replied to denial741974's response:
What you dont realize Den is that no one here, not once, has said anything bad about you having a mental illness. Before you go into it, I do understand your illness because I've been diagnosed with biopolar and OCD, and know what it feels like. You have to understand that people on here care about you, and that is why when you do something unexpected and potentially dangerous that they reach out to help you. The email you recieved was because someone said they were worried about you, not to make fun of you.

You need to learn the difference between constructive comments that you dont like, and someone criticizing you because of an illness. There has been none of the 2nd. The more you say that you are angry because the people on the board care, the less they will care in the future, and there will be a time when no one will reply to what you say.

It seems to me that you are cycling, going from manic to depressive very rapidly, and that is dangerous. You need to take a moment and collect yourself. Talk to your therapist. Center yourself before you do anything else.

One last point I say again: NO ONE HERE has said ANYTHING NEGATIVE about you having a mental illness. Never.
davedsel57 replied to denial741974's response:

Laura's reply was perfect. Very compassionate and well worded. I agree - many of us DO understand mental illness. I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder in April 1998 during a 3-day stint in a local hospital's psychiatric ward. I was on three medications for several years but have learned to direct my energies properly when in manic mode and how to elevate my mood when depressed.

The advice to discuss this with your therapist was exactly the right thing you should do. You can get control of your emotional issues with help from family, friends and your medical team. When you get control of your emotional issues, you can then get full control of your diabetes.

The purpose of the WebMD Communities is to get support or questions answered from other people who understand what you are going through. The purpose of this Diabetes Community is to discuss Diabetes related topics. Some deviations and off-topic discussions are great, but people come here to discuss Diabetes. The WebMD Bi-Polar community is great and you should visit over there and see what it is like.

Several of us get frustrated because you do not seem to listen to the advice we give that is based on medical facts and our own experiences. I also sometimes have trouble listening to others and understand that aspect as well. Slow down, take a deep breath, and think about what people are telling you.

I pray you can understand our points of view and get the help you need soon.
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phototaker replied to davedsel57's response:
Laura and Dave...wonderful responses to Den. You both are so right that "no one" is saying anything badly about Den's mental illness. It's when he doesn't take certain things seriously, like going out and drinking milkshakes, knowing he's doing damage to his body. Do some of us make those kinds of decisions sometimes...probably yes...but we don't make excuses. We know exactly what we're doing.

Den, I hope you take a break and things about things. Yes, we care, and are so glad you're not in a really bad state right now. It really sounds like you're making so much progress in your daily life, now. We all need a slight kick-start sometimes. It sounds like people are criticizing you, but they're really not. Sometimes other people can see things that we can't. Sometimes we just don't want to see them at that moment. It doesn't matter "when" we see it, as long as we finally see and do something about it.

The bottom line is we care. That's the important thing!
phototaker replied to phototaker's response:
...taking a break and "thinking" about things...See, I have to read my paragraphs over too, and push the reply button too soon...
denial741974 replied to phototaker's response:
silly me, you do really care about me. That makes me feel better. I thought I was getting judge, but now I know the group really love me and a care. I'm sorry for being in a make-believe world couple days ago, but I was being silly I know Spiderman is not real can Superman. Sometime it would be nice to have powers like them, but in reality it's not real. I know I'm not easy to deal with imagine me in real life. But when I have my meds straightened out I'm clear as a bell and very smart and, collected and of course happy. Thank you all for supporting me. I will try harder in my illness, PS thank you seeing what I was doing did not realize I was doing anything but now I know you all care, I'll try not to be so critical of people post it's only people's opinion. Thank you photo and everyone else pray for me that with help. That I will that strong, thank you group for supporting me in my whole deal. PS I told mom and she was disappointed at me because I tell my problems to the web M.D. and it's only for diabetes related. She's very very discerning about me I wish you can help her. She loves me very much she knows I'm not doing good my diabetes she knows it's very dangerous she doesn't want me to die but I realize diabetes is a bad thing to the un-control. If mom was chatting with you right now what would you say to her she's very concerned that that is not taking care of himself. I will try harder and harder to beat my illness.Den today for dinner I had noodles with vegetables and mash potatoes as starch. It was a better dinner then I had in the past. I'm trying group. Mom feels I don't know anything about diabetes yet it's true I don't know anything about diabetes and I've been a diabetic for four years now and still don't know nothing. Help mom for not for her to worry about her son. I know I'm the only one that can do it, but group it's not easy for me it's very difficult for me.
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
phototaker replied to denial741974's response:
Sometimes I wonder if you're playing with us, Den.

Noodles with vegetables and mashed potatoes.....Think about that...What part of that...maybe vegetables is healthy for a diabetic?

My arm is time for this.

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