Metformin sparking new interest as a cancer fighter.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Are you on metformin?

A new study reports that metformin shows preliminary promise against prostate and pancreatic tumors.

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Metformin sparking new interest as a cancer fighter

mhall6252 responded:
There are dozens of clinical trials using metformin as an anti-cancer agent, especially for breast cancer. I hope they figure out pretty soon why it seems to work. It's sure easier to take than chemo!!!
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nutrijoy responded:
Life Extension has been recommending that members ask their doctors to prescribe metformin for the last couple of years even though they may not be diabetic. Their latest article, Can a Diabetes Drug Prevent Cancer Death? (Feb.2012), is well researched but many doctors will still refuse to prescribe the drug for non-diabetic patients because it is "not protocol." Other physicians, like my sister's doctor, have not hesitated to do so but made a notation in her records that it was "at patient's request and that she was made aware of potential side effects."