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high post prandial
barb10562 posted:
This morning I had a soft boiled egg and half price of dark brown toast wih butter, after 2 hrs my sugar is 204- why so high? I started out fasting of 139.
DavidHueben responded:

First, your fasting was a little high to begin with.

Second, it is not always just about one meal.

Third, what medications and/or insulin do you use to control your diabetes? Maybe they need to be modified.

You need to call your doctor.

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flutetooter responded:
Barb, I flipped through your posts for the past two years and see a pattern of "on again,off again" in your dieting. Once mentioning "I cheated like mad" and many time posting that you were getting back on your diet. Also mentioning that diabetics could celebrate a little once in a while.

The problem with us is that our bodies don't process carbohydrates properly, leading to high blood sugars and/or high blood insulin levels. Therefore we can't eat the same way non diabetics do -EVER - without negative events happening in our bodies.

It's a condition/disease that we will live with and/or die with, so we need to do everything we can to attain the level of wellness that we want. Depending on how "well" we really want to be, that is the level of attention we need to pay to logging our intake of food, our bg numbers, our exercise, etc. I missed seeing your exercise plan. A one mile walk brings my blood sugar down 30 points at least. What does exercise do for your sugar levels?

Good luck (and work hard) with your doctor and keep track of everything you eat for a week to have more information to work with.
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auriga1 responded:
Barb, Flute has it absolutely right. We don't process carbs properly, no matter what kind of carb we eat. We can slow the process of rising glucose numbers my picking the right carb and pairing that carb with a lean protein and veggies. Something high in fiber will slow the absorption of glucose into your bloodstream.

I have a terrible time processing carbs. That's why I use two insulins. I could eat 7 carbs or less and my sugar shoots up 30-50 points.

Do you exercise at all? It does help. I started one day with a fasting of 110. Took a walk around a store, large store and started feeling funky. My sugar dropped to 80 just from a casual walk. I had to stop and get something to eat because it would have fallen into the 50's.

I've said it over and over again; journal what you eat and put the amount of carbs down in what you ate. Talk with your doctor and see if this is right for you. Going up and down is not good for the body.

You can do this, Barb.
betatoo replied to auriga1's response:
Again, carbs we can process-veggies, string beans, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and so many others have carbs, but they are not as carb rich as the starches like pasta, breads, potatoes etc. So try really staying away from the starches and satisfy yourself with carbs in veggies. Its tough, but a year of it really kicks the craving.
musicianINtraining replied to betatoo's response:
If I only liked the good carbs!!!!!
davedsel57 replied to musicianINtraining's response:
I don't think it is a matter of what foods we like to eat. I think it is matter of what foods we choose to eat and to avoid that will help maximize our health.
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betatoo replied to davedsel57's response:
Right on target, Dave!

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