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flutetooter posted:
In my computer news this morning there is an article about several studies indicating that 6-10 cups of coffee a day can protect against developing type 2 diabetes. Decaf had a weaker effect. The reasoning was because of the antioxidents in coffee. My take is that all that caffeine could make you "jumpier", thus getting more exercise, and that caffeine is also a diuretic. lol This is just my Monday morning humor. Direct any negative comments to the computer!
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mrscora01 responded:
When I read the beginning of your post, my first thought was that with 10 cups of coffee I would run around the city a couple of times. That would certainly keep my blood sugar down. lol

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Debsbears responded:
I have read that it is also good for the heart.

I do drink 4 cups regular coffee a day with no ill effects. It does not raise my blood sugars either.

I guess at this point whether it is good for me or not I will keep drinking my coffee - because I do not drink soda or juices well with the exception of low sodium V-8 vegetable juice
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davedsel57 responded:
It seems like "they" keep changing their minds on the effects of coffee and caffeine on various health conditions. You read once where it is good, then another source says its bad, then yet another says it is OK.

I've been drinking coffee since I was 6 years old. My mother made two pots per day for herself for many years and taught me to enjoy java early in life. I currently have 3 or 4 cups per day and like to try all different types and flavors. Just half and half please, no sugar.

As with anything, each of us will react uniquely to coffee and caffeine. I do have to be careful not to have any after noon or I will have trouble sleeping. I do not believe it has any effect on my blood glucose readings.

Hope you are all having a blessed and marvelous Monday.
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auriga1 responded:
Ah. Didn't work for me. LOL. Always drink coffee. Have ever since college. Certainly not enough to constitute 6 cups. Is that what my problem was in developing diabetes? Not drinking enough coffee?

Got the humor. Did bring on a smile.

At least, it doesn't RAISE my blood sugar.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Here's a link to an article published a few months ago with possible reasons:

Why Coffee May Reduce Diabetes Risk : Chinese Researchers Zero in on Coffee Substances That May Explain the Benefit

No mention of causing jumpiness - with all the coffee I drink, I should be able to jump to the moon!

betatoo replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
I have read several studies on pro and con. My take-I have 3 mugs in the morning at breakfast, and if a cold day 2-3 at lunch, and decaf in the evening. If warm day, ice water with lemon for the last two meals.
nwsmom replied to auriga1's response:
Ha! I only have one cup a day (decaf, if I want another), obviously not enough to have prevented Type II). But I have to limit it due to nausea.


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