diabetes and stress
enielsen88 posted:
I am type 1 diabetic and for the past two weeks I have been under alot of stress. My blood sugars have been very high around 500. I can not seem to get it to stay down. I need help.. I feel like I am killing myself with stress. I am a single mother and I just need some suggestions. Thank you.
davedsel57 responded:
Hello and welcome.

I fully understand stress and how it affects all aspect of our being. It definitely can raise blood glucose levels.

I think this is something that you need to discuss with your doctor. You may need your insulin dosage adjusted, or perhaps something to help you emotionally. Seek other relaxation methods as well to help you better react to stressful situations.

I pray you can get all this under control soon.
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi enielsen88 and welcome,

I'm sorry you are experiencing so much stress - I agree with Dave that you should have a discussion with your doctor. Also, are you able to reach out to family members or friends to help out with the kids every once in a while? Even a tiny break - picking them up from school, taking them on the weekends, can make a big difference.

Here is one of my favorite articles on WebMD: 10 Relaxation Exercises to Reduce Stress NOW

WebMD has some great parenting communities here where you can connect with other parents and get more support and ideas on how to handle it all.

Sending you (((hugs)))! Please check back in and let us know how you are doing!

julbaritua responded:
When you have diabetes , stress can significantly affect your ability to control the disease. Although you can't completely remove stress from your life, there are several ways you can reduce it. And by learning to better cope with stress, you can help keep your diabetes under control. You can fight stess with positive attitude. When things seem to be going wrong, it's always easier to see the bad instead of the good. Find something good in each important area of your life. Thinking about the good can help you get through the bad times and the stress. And you need to talk to someone about your stress like talking to your doctor about it. And maybe accept what you cannot change.

Exercise gives you a feeling of well-being and may relieve symptoms of stress. Practice muscle relaxation, deep breathing, meditation, or visualization.

nwsmom replied to julbaritua's response:
Yoga might help. It not only helps to reduce stress, it improves flexibility.

I agree with previous posters: discuss with your doctor. If the stress is ongoing, you might benefit from counseling.