Haylen I have a ? or 2 for U
Debsbears posted:
What ever happened to Monday Muster?

Can you start some kind of fun day that is repeated everyday?

I am out of ideas, on other boards I belong to they have different things all the time to break up the frustrations of their lives. Just a suggestion, I know it is a diabetes boards maybe there is something fun we can incorporate into diabetes? I know diabetes isn't fun but we need to do other things to distract us (I think).
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
I like that idea Deb! The Monday Muster fell a little flat for a few weeks but I am happy to start that up again.

Communities are not only for discussing the topic at the top of the page but for engaging with others.

The Breast Cancer Community is a great example of this - the discussions might be about serious topics but often end up being light hearted and frequently LOL funny.

davedsel57 responded:
Excellent question, Deb, and excellent answer, Haylen.

Its been a bit quiet in these here parts, and maybe we can get some good activity going again.

Have a blessed and thankful Thursday, friends
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