New Month! What are you looking forward to?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
My youngest daughter turns 4 this month! I'm also hoping that my favorite sports team brings home the Stanley Cup!

I'm looking forward to a field trip to the Santa Monica Aquarium next week and her participation in the school Jr. Olympics.

What are you looking forward to this month?
davedsel57 responded:

My wonderful wife's birthday is June 15. My dad's birthday is June 17. Father's day is June 17. We will probably go out after church on Father's day to our favorite restaurant as a family - hopefully all 8 of us.

Looking for some home improvement projects to be done this month.

Our eldest son bought a Smart Car about a month ago. Our friend who maintains our gardens is cleaning out a corner of the front yard by the driveway for him to park his tiny "Happy" there. That's what he has named his car.

The contractor that did our new roof last summer/fall is trying to get a permit from the town to build a covering over our patio. We also want to have them replace 4 storm doors at the side and back of our house which would make all doors and windows new for improved energy efficiency.

Have a blessed and joyful June, friends.
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Debsbears responded:
For me looking forward to my trip to Mayo Clinic on the 27th.
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
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betatoo responded:
We just bought my wife a new bike, so we can now ride together as she gets used to riding after being away from it since being a kid. Week after next we will take grand daughter on a camping trip to the Adirondacks with the kayaks. My sea kayak, and the K2 will handle the 3 of us and gdd loves to paddle. Then we will start packing for a cruise in the Western Caribbean in July, and Ausgust will be a trip to Ohio and Wisconsin with my Dad in the motor home. All in all I am really looking forward to a great June, to rest up for the remainder of the summer. Retired life is great!
hootyowl2 responded:
More working in my garden If it does not get overly hot here. I have zero tolerance for summer's heat, have had heat exhaustion and whatnot too many times.