almost taken out and learned a lesson from it
cnadygirl53 posted:
So Tuesday I'm at my client's home feeling like someone was stabbing me in my lower back with swords and knives, when I was gripped with pain and shortness of breath like crazy. My client calls emt and rushed me to the hospital. I had a fever of a 105, pain in lower back and vomiting, and shortness of breath. After being admitted my Dr. told me I had pylonephritis and cystitis aka kidney and bladder infections. He said I had a uti that went to my kidneys and into my blood stream he also did a a1c my nurse told me I had a 7%. She said by me being a diabetic my infection was worser and the sypmtoms too which is why they had to treat it aggressively bc it had gone into my blood. For years I have been told by my Dr. I was border line and I don't think he ever performed an a1c test if he did he miss read the results. Now i'm on a strict diet restriction, and by me having asthma limit physical restrictions. The whole thing was awful and I hope this never happens to me or anyone. In the near future I will be more weary of pain and symptoms and go to the dr instead of waiting a month like I did before.
Phototaker123 responded:
So sorry you're going through this, but glad that you're taking better care of yourself in the future!
hootyowl2 responded:
Glad you are feeling better and will be taking better care of yourself. UTIs and kidney stones can be very frightening... and a systemic infection is no fun either.

Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Wow! A frightening lesson to learn!

I'm so glad you have a new resolve to pay attention to your health!

cnadygirl53 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you, your health is something you shouldn't take lightly. Since my being home I have had so much support from my family, plus I am stubborn when it comes to going to seek medical treatment when I am sick. Maybe this incident is God's way of slowing me down.
cnadygirl53 replied to hootyowl2's response:
Thank you, being couped up in the hospital gripped with pain is no picnic either, but next time I will heed your advice and take more care to prevent serious problems.
cnadygirl53 replied to Phototaker123's response:
Thank you, I am taking more steps in taking better care of myself.