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    senior citizen uncertainty
    basquait23 posted:
    Hi,My 75yr young Father is a typeII diabetic(who takes metformin 2x daily)who also is hypertensive(Lisonopril 2x daily) most recently for at least 1-2 months he was complaing of pain within his lower back as he's had an preexsiting loweer back injury this he attributed to the prior injury which we(our Family my Mother his Love at First sight Wife of 52yrs along with my two siblings) accepted his resoning over time though we'd noticed his gait becoming slumped over along with walking had become slower while he was also losing weight not eating on a necessary 3x a Day regimen due to his stating that he wasn't "hungry" in spite of our explaining to him that while he was convincing himself that he wasn't "hungry due to his acquired condition his body required nourishment as a result of the back troubles he'd begun going to see chiropractors seeking relief as his sleep was becoming disrupted now as we have an shall remain unnamed HMO since I was a Child and I've arrived to the age of 50 gratefully so.
    The Chiropractic treatment was not resolving the matter nor was seeking Orthics,Consequently the situation exacerbated to he began having stomach troubles Gastrointestinal pain now which after his primary care refused to order the Ast/Alt that I requested he do we got him in to a same Day appt where this Dr. Listened to our concerns about him frequently urinating and the above mentioned concerns loss of energy along with Body Mass and not on;y ordered a Stat Ast/Alt but also a urine Study CBC along with Electrolyte Stydy and Sonogram where they discovered that My Father is suffering from a Fatty Liver condition in addition to there is a Cyst on his Liver.

    After laying out the circumstance what I turn to you for is it possible that the Fatty Liver condition is the result of a backed up Bile Duct due to one of the medications and is this a resolvable circumstance?
    I've already indicated to my Father there are going to need to be with no if and's or But's a Lifestyle Change in regards to nutrition are there any other ideas on this matter as I do Love my Father so Dearly he is so important to us all and I need him there is so much more left for us to do and accomplish.

    Your comment and feedback I do invite
    davedsel57 responded:
    Hello and welcome.

    I'm sorry your father is going through all this.

    Unfortunately, most of us here are not doctors nor health care professionals. It is against the rules in all WebMD communities to provide any type of diagnosis or medical advice.

    This situation is something you need to address with your father's doctors. It would probably be best to start with your father's primary doctor and have them recommend the appropriate specialists that can perform diagnostic testing and develop an effective treatment plan.

    I pray your father can get the treatment and relief he needs son.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    basquait23 replied to davedsel57's response:
    Hi Dave your welcoming along with genuinely caring comments are very much appreciated and while I'm fully aware of the limitations of this community in regards to dispensing advice my intentions were to bring our circumstance to the forefront of an community which may not only identify with this situation I've outlined but in addition may be compassionate in it's sharing of similar experiences and ultimately what led to resolution even if it's strictly topical in nature as all of the suggestions you've indicated as steps of resolution were attempted prior to turning to this forum as an avenue of possibly a resource to assist in righting the course of my Father's ship.

    jatizt responded:
    Hello Basquait 23: i am also very new to these boards and was reading back posts. Your father reminds me of my mother who said "I 've lived all these years I am not changing". With a LOT of listening and making myself a little more avaliable and using the excuse of transportation to take her to the doctor's appointments she finally realised Her family was behind her in love and she was able to make a few of the changes graduallly and was lavishly praised {that was the key} when she did as asked by her mds. I can feel your love for your dad in your writing, so just be there and learn changes in the eldery happen very slowly. Best of Luck
    brunosbud responded:
    I would ask his primary care physician for a local service to begin in-home hospice care...

    Two reasons. One, hospice care nurses are usually wonderful, caring medical professionals and they are best qualified to assess your dad's condition. They know when a patient is approaching the end from experience. If, from their assessment, they reject your dad's request, good! You dad has a chance at recovery. Two, if they accept your father's request for hospice care, that's good, too, because this way you have a nurse visiting your Dad a couple times per week to assess progress and homecare helpers, routinely, present to offer helping hands. In other words, you have created a "team" to help the family monitor your father's condition while you continue to fight to improve his condition.

    Once your dad gets better, you send the nurses and care workers home. But, should your dad not improve, he will not suffer pain and he can still be surrounded by family/friends while he deals with the last stage of life. The mental strain of uncertainty is lifted when you have "guides" to help you prepare.

    The average hospice care engagement is less than 19 days in this country. My father's hospice care (T2D, too) lasted 17 days. I wish I would have called months, sooner.

    I know you're a smart person; so am I. Still, "experience" trumps "smart" most every time.

    I wish you peace.

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