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Blood sugar levels
panche posted:
I have had type 2 diabetes since 2005. For the last month or so, my fasting blood glucose readings are averaging 163 in the morning before breakfast. I don't understand why it is so high. I have not changed my eating habits. I always have breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks per day. I try to limit my starches and sugar. I drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. I exercise at least 30 minutes a day, walking, yoga, strength training. I am on glyburide 5 mg 3 times per day. My last A1c test was 7.9. Is this normal for my readings to be going up for no reason?
davedsel57 responded:

Type 2 Diabetes is progressive in many patients. You may need an increase or change in your prescription medication to help control you blood glucose levels.

You need to discuss all this with your doctor and work out a solution.
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KKKK65 responded:
I do not know exact cause for your higher side,i have diabities fir the last 20 years,i take brisk walking for 7-9 kms/2hours /day,nosugar with non fatty diet my sugar level in the morning is below110,after meal it is about130-140,i also take medicines,is it in control
auriga1 responded:
You say you try to limit your starches and sugars. Starches and sugars both fall into the category of carbohydrates. What do you consider "limit?" We are all so different when it comes to how many carbs we can eat at a meal.

My dietician gave me a limit of 35-45 grams per meal. I usually try and stick to under 35 most of the time. I use insulin so if I eat less carbs, I use less insulin.

Are you happy with your A1C? Is your doctor? To me (and just me) that seems a little high. That's closer to 8, which would be an average of 183 on a daily basis. I think that number is too high. I've had two endocrinologists and they believe 8 is too high an A1C.

If you want your readings to come down, cut further down on your carb intake. Many of us can't handle carbs well, no matter what we do.
betatoo replied to auriga1's response:
Starches and sugars do fall in the large venn of carbohydrates, but they should also be considered heavily laden with carbs. Many of us eat lots of carbs everyday when we eat our fruits and vegetables. These carbs are not as easily digested and contain higher amounts of nutrients and fibers than the starches. I myself have found that limiting the white starches completely, and limiting the brown and orange starches helps me to stay better in range and off of medication. I also find that cinnamon capsules help when taken twice a day.
panche replied to betatoo's response:
Thanks for the responses.I have been monitoring what I eat more closely. I am being more diligent and I am beginning to see some improvement. This morning's reading was the lowest it has been in over a month. Yesterday was a crazy day at work and I feel like I got more exercise with all the running around I was doing. I feel that stress has a lot to do with my blood sugar levels. Does anyone else feel the same way?
auriga1 replied to panche's response:
Hey, good for you! I have to strictly limit my carbs. I use insulin and the less carbs I eat, the less insulin I use.

I have just found a part-time job that keeps me running the entire three hours, five days a week. I can eat lunch and "run" off any carbs I eat. It amazes me that the more active I am, my blood sugars do not rise as dramatically as they normally would. Most of the time, I do not take my lunch-time insulin, becase of the moving I'm doing before and after I eat. A new one for me. LOL. I actually had to eat a half slice of bread so I wouldn't drop low. Got caught one day with a low because I took my insulin and was running around too much.

Yes, stress has a lot to do with blood sugar levels. Most people see a rise in their levels. You're not the only one. I know those crazy days at work. Yesterday was one for us because a TV news crew showed up. Our place is a cooling center, so they needed to let people know what is going on and how to stay safe. 100? today in Chicago. Unbelievable. That'll stress anyone out.

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