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not sure if blood level is ok.
An_246136 posted:
When I was 15 I was told by a doc that I was boarder line to being Diabetic. So over the last 20 yr I have had some issues. During my pregnancy's I was fine and passed the test done then, Lately I have gotten a test kit and test when I am not felling the best. I normally am at 134. Today I left for a little while when I got home I started getting clammy, nauseated, light headed. So I tested my levels and was at 166. So I am wondering if these levels are normal or If I should go in and be tested.
harrinl responded:
You should go to your doctor and get tested. 166 is high, and your normal levels are on the high side too. Normally, a test level of 120 or lower is what is considered normal, though some physicians think that anything above a 106 is high. The symptoms that you've described sound like the beginnings of ketoacidosis, which can be a complication of elevated blood sugar levels. You should monitor your levels regularly and make an appointment with your physician and have ah HgA1c test done, which will give you a good idea of what your blood sugar levels over the last 3 months have been. Your doctor can explain it to you better than I can. I would suggest taking a stick test several times a day, and keeping a diary of the readings. Your blood sugar will be elevated after meals, because of the metabolic breakdown of the nutrients you've ingested. But it shouldn't get above 120 at any time. If you see a pattern of stick test read outs over 120 several times in one week, and especially several times in one day, you should definitely make an appointment with your doctor to get it under control. Hope this helps, and good luck
NWSmom4g responded:
An_246136, if you are monitoring your blood Glucose levels, try this: Run a test first thing in the morning (for a fasting level), then 2 hours after eating each meal. A random glucose of 166 may mean very little, depending upon when you had last eaten. A (very rough) rule of thumb says fasting should be under 126 (the cut-off for diabetes); two hour post-prandial (after a meal), under 140. If your Glucose was dropping rapidly, that might have caused the clammy, nauseated, lightheaded feelings.

Try to get some Diabetes classes (your local hospital can probably direct you), and a consult with a dietician that specializes in diabetes. And tell your doctor about those icky feelings.


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