Diabetic's urine strong odor.
chris21090 posted:
I have noticed lately that my urine has had a strong odor every time I go to the bathroom. Is that normal?
Anon_1092 responded:
It is hard to say if this is normal or not. Has the odor of your urine changed in conjunction with a change or addition of meds? Have you changed your diet recently? Change in diet or meds can change the odor and color of your urine.

Are you getting enough to drink? Urine should be fairly light in color or clear...that said, B vitamins may change the color to bright yellow or green.

I do not have any kidney damage at this time but will notice a change in the odor of my urine if I change or add vitamins or supplements, certain veggies, curry, coffee and some drugs such as antibiotics.

If you exhibit any signs of infection or know you have kidney disease or damage, please call your doctor, otherwise I would put this on your list of questions for the next time you see your doctor.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi chris and welcome!

According to a WebMD feature (link below), urine normally doesn't have a very strong smell. An unusually strong smell could mean that you have an infection or urinary stones. Diabetics might notice that their urine smells sweet, because of excess sugar. Some foods can also change urine odor.

Read more here:
What do urine color and odor changes mean? How often should you 'go'?

I agree with Anon, be sure to mention this to your doctor when you have your next check up!

cnadygirl53 responded:
chris do you have pain in your lower back, does it hurt when you pee, does it burn if you say yes then you might have a urinary infection, if not you still may have one. don't do like I did an ignored the signs and ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection that got into my blood stream, very painful and not fun. so go see your doctor and get checked out, trust me this is coming from a gal who had strong odor coming from her urine as well and choose to wait a month before seeing the doctor. by you being a diabetic it makes more complications, hope you feel better soon.
auriga1 responded:
I have been diabetic since 2006. I have never noticed a strong odor. Are you sugars always in the normal range? If they are higher than normal, you may be spilling sugar into your urine.

Are you sure you are well-hydrated? If you are, there may be something else going on. Best to call your doctor. So many things can affect the odor of urine. Foods, medications, infections are some examples.