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Meal Planning for long distance sail boat race
An_246266 posted:
I am a type 2 diabetic. I am part of a crew participating in a long distance sail boat race which will take approximately 2-5 days. Requirements: no refrigeration on board, will have hot water available, and there are weight and space limitations. Freeze dried meals will be available, as well as filtered water and hot water(weather permitting). I am looking for meal planning suggestions that will not compromise my diabetes.
flutetooter responded:
You will have to take total responsibility for bringing your correct foods with you, since in a situation which requires the utmost concentration in sailing, you needs cannot occupy the others.

Know how many grams of carbs you need for a meal, and how many carbs are in which foods. I take high protein bars (20 grams protein to 30 grams carbhydrate) and also Glucerna bars which have 12 grams slow acting carbs. PLUS sugar tabs or hard regular candies for emergency lows. Know that your sugar use by your body will probably be higher in the excitement and activity of sailing.

If you are on insulin, contact your doctor for emergency injectible insulin and be sure someone on board is watching for signs of a low and knkows what to do in an emergency. I sure hope you are a type 2 in control.

Are you sure you can undertake this without signing a release form or waiver. When I travel, diabetics cannot go on organized trips to scuba, snorkle, climb, or sail without a waiver.
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Anon_1092 responded:
You may want to try things like the high fiber breakfast bars, slimfast or other meal replacement shakes. Beef jerky for protein. You may also look at some of the freeze dried meals to find if there are some with lower carb counts. You might look at the egg dishes which may go heavier on protein than carb.
mhall6252 responded:
It seems to me that you may well be exerting a great deal of energy on this trip, and so eating the provided freeze dried meals may be ok. I would bring some fruit that can endure room temperature for a few days, like apples, plum, peaches and oranges. Same with a couple of veggies - carrots, tomatoes, cukes - many of them can last for a few days without refrigeration. Cheese and peanut butter are also good staples.

Have an excellent trip!
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betatoo responded:
I understand your problem completely. I often will kayak for 5-6 hrs at a time, and have to have something for energy levels. Protein bars work, as do the other suggested items like the jerky, the peanut butter, and fruits. When chosing these things, try to get variety of protein and carb think of about the same as the plate analogy-the plate 1/2 of veggies and fruit, quarter protein, and 1/4 carb. Doing this you should be able to make up some preplanned meals that would involve some nuts or jerky, some carbs from fruit, and some fiber and nutrients from veggies of some sort. Vary your snacks with the protien bars, apples and peanut butter, nuts and berries, etc. Good luck and smooth sailing!

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