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sdadkin posted:
I was diagnosed with having hypoglycemia at the age of 15 (I am 27 now). I get lightheaded and weak if I don't eat every two hours. I have been dealing with that for a while and I am used to it. But here within the last two weeks I have been getting more and more dizzy and now my vision is starting to be affected. It's not exactly blurry but it takes me a while to get things focused. This seems to be happening constantly now. I don't know if maybe my hypoglycemia is turning into diabetes or if maybe I just need to get my eyes checked to see if I need glasses? I had a dr appointment yesterday with my gynecologist and I told her about it. She went ahead and did the bloodwork to check my glucose level. I am still waiting to hear the results. Is it possible for hypoglycemia to just turn into diabetes like that?
mhall6252 responded:
I think a visit with an eye doctor is in order. You really need to find out why your eyes are not focusing properly.

And it's good that your gyn is checking your glucose level. Yes, it is possible (and often happens) that hypoglycemia evolves into diabetes.

Best of luck, and let us know what you find out.
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sdadkin replied to mhall6252's response:
The Dr called back and said my sugar was 62. She acted like it was a little low, but close to normal. She said that my thyroid levels were a little high though and I should follow up with my regular dr. She said they were like 6.2 (or something similar) and I couldn't hear what she said was the normal range. She said she would mail it to me though so I could take it to my regular doctor.

I am still worried about my sugar. I am used to having low blood sugar all the time, but it seems like it is getting worse. I can eat something with sugar and feel it all crashing down within a half hour. My grandma passed away from complications of diabetes a few years ago (her feet were infected pretty bad but she refused to have them amputated) and I think my dad is borderline diabetic now.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to sdadkin's response:
sdadkin -

Hi and welcome - I'm sorry you are having these problems but glad that you found us!

Here is an article with some basic information that might give you some factors to discuss with your doctor. Be sure to take in a pen and paper to take notes about your levels and what they mean.

Hypoglycemia and Diabetes

How is your diet? Do you feel that you are making healthy meal and snack choices? A referral to a dietician might help you as well.

Are those your cute kiddos in your profile photo? Adorable! How old?

auriga1 replied to sdadkin's response:
Sdadkin, I would be careful about the amount and type of sugar you ingest. I realize you have hypoglycemia problems, but sugar will raise you blood glucose rapidly and then rapidly drop, giving you those lows. Try whole fruits (they contain fiber, too) to see if it helps.

I wish I could help. My problem is the total opposite of yours. I have to stay away from sugars and carbs or my body will fight back with high blood sugars.
sdadkin replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you! Mason is 14 months and Carter turns 3 in less than 2 weeks! They are my whole world

I probably don't have the best of diets. I am somewhat of a picky eater and that makes it hard to eat healthy (I do not like any kind of salads!) I drink diet pop but I love sweet tea! I try not to drink it unless I am eating because it makes me crash too. I am not sure what foods are best for people with hypoglycemia. I know I need to eat small frequent meals (which I do most of the time because I am starving after 2 hours). I am not sure what are some good options for healthy meals and snacks.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to sdadkin's response:
Two little ones! You have your hands full

Here's an article that has snack and meal options:

Hypoglycemia - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

A meeting with a dietician could be a great move - ask your doctor for a referral and get some solid food plans in place that are easy to prepare for a busy mom!


PS - Lay off that sweet tea mamma! Too much sugar! Try some flavored brands (I like hibiscus, chamomile and green tea) and skip the sugar. It might take some getting used to but the health benefits are worth it. I also like to drink very cold water with cucumber slices. I pretend that I'm at a fancy spa
SouthernJewels responded:
I'm not sure if you are still checking this post, but I believe you will be fine if you see your eye doctor and work with a dietician. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in 1982 [my oldest child was 4 years old then>, and have had it under control ever since then by diet. It is possible and it is not as restrictive as you might think. It's not just the eating small meals every couple of hours that is important, it is what you eat that will make the difference in how you feel. Hypoglycemia is Type 2 diabetes, deal with it now before it progresses to Type 1 and you have to do shots or meds to control your glucose levels. I also had the same problem with my eyes being blurry occasionally, and my opthamologist recommended Lutein [in the vitamin section of the food or drug store>. It really seems to help, so I just take one softgel every morning with breakfast. Get your diet outline [what you should and shouldn't eat>, and those little cuties of yours [love your picture!> will have a fun AND healthy mom for decades!
Phototaker123 responded:
I would definitely go for a retinopathy eye test. My health facility has people go every two years. I was fine two years ago, but I now have mild to moderate retinopathy.

If you are doing anything with sugar, you are probably going way up, and then going way down afterward, which is not good for your eyes. Low blood sugar levels may cause problems.

Have a regular eye exam and a retinopathy exam, too, just as a precaution. All diabetics need to have these. I was shocked to find I had the beginnings of something that could make me blind, if I don't control my blood sugars and blood pressure.

I have an appt. with my eye doctor to check everything out soon. I was getting blurry eyes, and I just thought it was high sugars. The other day they were red and blurry and my b.s. was at 110, not that high. I have been doing a lot of computer work and t.v. watching, because I was working on getting my hip flexors better with exercises, and couldn't go out dancing or to the gym for a few weeks. I'm checking my blood pressure with a machine every day for two weeks, now.

Having small meals every few hours is the way to go. I would test your b.s. levels two hours after you eat to see what's happening. Make sure you have protein and some carbs. Keep something in your pocket, so you don't go too low, like a glucose tablet(50 or below).
NWSmom4g replied to SouthernJewels's response:
SouthernJewels: Hypoglycemia is not Type 2 diabetes; and Type 2 does not "progress to Type 1".
auriga1 replied to NWSmom4g's response:
NWSmom, I hope everyone reads your post. I don't understand why so many think that types of diabetes can revert to either/or. Sometimes a person can be misdiagnosed.

Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar on its own. It does not mean one necessarily has diabetes.
An_245101 responded:
Hypoglycemia can happen in people without having diabetes please read this: It starts out with the definition of hypogylcemia... and goes on from there.

Yes diabetics can go low (hypogylcemic) due to the meds. But you should like you are not diabetic so please read the above site. It also would be good for you to see your eye dr and your regular dr about your hypoglycemia.

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