hello group I'll try this one more time
Denial741974 posted:
hello group how are you all, I wrote another post but not one person comment, what's up with that, made me feel like I'm not important. Anyway you all have a happy July 4 Independence Day, group I'm a new person I take your myself, been eating better getting Meals on Wheels, Monday to Friday, the food so good. I get fruit and vegetables, my mental illness is getting better more controlled and stable, more and more I go to group therapy learn about myself with all my programs during the week, mom even called me yesterday we had a nice phone call, this time group I'm deadbeat my disease. I'm even riding my bike at least two times a week. I'm getting thinner and fatter other parts, you know what I mean but overall I'm doing good, wish me luck that. PS group I'm really trying to achieve my goals I even write in a journal again and that's helped me to. I'm more happier now than before.Den
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
teststrips responded:
Hi here is a shout out to you!!!!!
kieub responded:
Keep up the good work Den, sound like you are on the right tract to beat the disease. Have you anything to test your sugar to see how you are doing?