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Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
Who's online today?

Me - Haylen in Los Angeles

High Temp Today - Will be in the upper 80s

Weekend plans - My first book club meeting and a swim party for the kids

Favorite color - Purple!

Who is next?
davedsel57 responded:
Hello, everyone.

Me - Dave in Western New York

High Temp Today - Will be in the low-mid 90's. We need the rain other parts of the country are getting, just not that much.

Weekend plans - Nothing special. On Saturday I will take my dad his weekly supplies and have dinner with him at his Assisted Living Facility as usual. Maybe church Sunday morning.

Favorite color - Green in general, red for a car. Have had cars of other colors, but finally got a beautiful 2011 Hyundai Elantra that is Allure Metallic Red a few weeks ago.

Have a blessed and fantastic Friday, friends.
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mhall6252 responded:
Michelle in southeastern NH.

It's getting hot - close to 90 today and for the next few days.

Weekend plans - lake lounging and lollygagging!

Favorite color - right at the moment, a nice "hot" coral
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hootyowl2 responded:
Hooty in MO.

High temp will be in the 100s. Had a few days of 110 in the shade this past week. Ack.

Church on sabbath; yard work and housework on sunday as usual.

My favorite color is blue: aqua, turquoise, cobalt, royal, baby, sky, etc. I also love greens and pinks and purple.

I have been keeping busy outdoors with my horse, and trying to keep cool here in front of a fan.

laura2gemini2 responded:
Me- Laura in Ohio

High Temp Today - 101 with a heat index of 109. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 104 with an index of 111.

Weekend plans - Its my MIL birthday, and were going to visit. She lives in the amish area, and has NO A/C! I'm gonna melt. Also planning on canning more jam and jelly (I will eventually start my own business...hopefully)

Favorite color - Dark blue. Royal and midnight blue are my fav. My car is such a dark blue that it looks black unless the light is directly on it, and then it sparkles.
flutetooter responded:
Me - Flutetooter in N.W. Indiana; High Temp today 105 while shopping -- new grill and outdoor folding table; Weekend plans - 50th anniversary party for friends, watering gardens; Favorite color - taupe or olive greens
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auriga1 responded:
O.K., so it's the next day. LOL. Hope no one minds.

Me: Auriga in Chicago

High Temp Today - 100 (last four days in the 100's; almost unheard of here)

Weekend plans - nothing today, bridal shower Sunday

Favorite color - must say a difficult one; hmmm - yellow
Debsbears responded:
I hope I'm not too late -

Me - Deb or Debbie

temp - yesturday 98 today 80

weekend plans taking a break - learning how to use my new toy - a new laptop so I can keep up with the things going on.

favorite colors - pinks running into the purple hues.
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
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betatoo responded:
I have not been very frequent here, as 5 weeks ago I pulled something in the neck while doing chin ups. Pregnisone, thereapy, was not improving it the way the dr. thought it should. MRI last week showed a herniated disc. New Dr. in August as I am doing some travel the next 5 weeks. Hopefully will be able to beat this with non surgical solutions.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to betatoo's response:
betatoo -

Sorry to hear about your injury. OUCH.

Safe travels and positive thoughts for a non-surgical solution!

davedsel57 replied to betatoo's response:
Sorry to read about your herniated cervical disc. I have four like that in my neck. I'm sure you can find effective treatments without surgery. Praying for good solutions for you soon.

Enjoy your travels!
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Debsbears replied to betatoo's response:
Beta - my prayers go out to you during your 5 weeks of travel. I'll be praying you won't need surgery. I currently have two new bulging dics they are watching. Good luck with your travels. Deb
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
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betatoo replied to Debsbears's response:
Thanks for all of the good thoughts! I have endured much worse than this after all what is a little tingling and soreness.

Thanks again!

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