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    Recovery Stage or Diabetes?
    runamok76 posted:
    [TRIGGER] When I was 8 years old I was rape and did not report or seek help, and have been depressed ever since. When I was in my 20's I was date raped twice, I did not report it or seek help, and anxiety has been building ever since. In my 30's, I began trying self help therapy and saint johns wart, but I got side effect, I couldn't use certain products on my skin, and I couldn't have dairy, and my vagina was giving off a bad oder whenever I got nervous. After weeks of going to the gym 2-3 times a week and doing the eliptical for about 30 min each time just fine, one week I could only get through about 15 min and I started to see lights before my eyes, I was dizzy almost passed out, exteremely tired, and my head felt suffy. I started reading about Saint john's wart and saw that could be it so I stopped and all the symptoms went away, its been about a year and I still can't exercise or do much of anything. My family has a history of diabieties so I'm not sure if I'm sick (too much sugar sometimes makes me dizzy), or if I'm on the recovery stage of my emotional healing. I am about 10 pounds heavier than before not being able to exercise. I do not have the money or transportation for medical help.

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    davedsel57 responded:
    [TRIGGER] Hello.

    I am sorry to read about all of your struggles. Unfortunately, diagnosis and treatment is impossible over an internet message board.

    You must see a doctor for evaluation. If you have low income then you are possibly eligible for Medicaid:
    You can also check into low or no-cost clinics in your area. Glucose testing monitors are inexpensive at WalMart and would be worth the cost to see what your readings are.

    I pray you can get treatment and answers soon.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.


    hootyowl2 responded:
    [TRIGGER] If you are eligible for Medicaid, there are medical taxi services that will take you to and from non emergency medical appointments. The ones here have toll free numbers, and I do not have to pay for the rides. They are very nice to people.

    I am sorry about the rapes you suffered as a child and a young woman. I was raped multiple times as a young woman also. It is a long story, and personal, BUT I made up my mind NO MORE. I will do what I have to do to defend myself if it ever happens again. I did not report them at the time of the occurance either; however, I did have occasion to tell his family and my family and he was in BIG trouble with all of them. If your rapist is someone you know, REPORT it to their family at least. It is likely too late to report it to the police due to time limits in the law. The thing those bastards fear the most is being found out... so TELL ON THEM. You will be surprised how much better you feel. So maybe it is too late to tell the police. Tell your friends, and THEIR friends, etc. Tell a therapist if you need to. Just blabbing it to my family and his family made a huge difference. And he will be keeping his thing inside his pants now.

    denial741974 responded:
    well I read your post with my learning disability and mental issues, I hope I can give you some support but am not a professional I'm a friend on the web M.D.. You have to go therapy and see a therapists, you need to talk it out, I know where you're coming from being raped, I was sexually abused also by my mom grown-up, that's why I can relate, I've been going to therapy seeing a therapist my whole tire life, I really believe my mental illness came through my adopted parents but it's not about me, I feel for you and sorry that things happened to you, but if you want to talk I'm here to listen. My suggestion what my therapist told me don't give up keep trying and everybody at the one that the been saying the same thing. Yes there are ladies relate to your problem better than me I'm a man but I got hurt in the past and now I'm afraid to get close to any ladies.and if you have diabetes date set we have to take care of ourselves, I know I have a difficult time with my diabetes mainly my mental illness, you have a friend you to support you I'm not on them much but I do post at times I use the post a lot but people here some reason are very critical with me so they don't comment on my post anymore, but it's not about me you take care you have a friend that can relate and support you anyway I can.
    no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
    hootyowl2 replied to denial741974's response:
    [Den, I am still your friend. I am not here a lot, so if you don't hear from me, that is why. Take care, and keep trying. >

    Runamok, I forgot to welcome you here. Anytime you feel like talking, I will try to help out. I am usually here several times a week, so dont give up on me. Just check back. I try to check in now and then.

    denial741974 replied to hootyowl2's response:
    Hooty mm Taxi service, I'm on Medicare and access for mental disability, sounds good it's what's the number I can call just wondering please get back to me hooding thank you
    no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience

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