This Summer!
Kate10056 posted:
Hello Everyone, I hope this hot hot summer finds all of you keeping cool in some way. DH and I have been using our air conditioning nearly every day and long into the nights! I've noticed that the heat and humidity really affect me much more than DH (who is not diabetic) also for the first time in my life I got a sunburn that actually blistered and peeled. Could all this be due to being diabetic?
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davedsel57 responded:

I don't know if Diabetes itself causes more sensitivity to sunlight, but I do know certain medications do. Check the side affects of each of your meds and see if that is one of them. This could just be part of the natural aging process. This may be something to mention to your doctor at your next visit.
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hootyowl2 responded:
Tegretol is one of the meds that cause photo sensitivity. It gave me a horrible rash on my face, and I got all kinds of misdiagnoses from lupus to skin cancer to rosacea, etc. Finally, my neuro saw it and asked how long I had had it. It had come on with a medication increase and she said I was allergic to the Tegretol. It took several months after going off the Tegretol for it to clear up, but thankfully it did clear up. I never took another Tegretol after she told me that, and insisted on a new med for the neuropathy.

Anon_1092 replied to davedsel57's response:
Glyburide, a very common diabetes med causes sensitivity to sunlight. I have not had any problems with it but exposure to sunshine is one of the warnings the pharmacy puts on the bottle.