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Diabetes and Gas??
sickofit46060 posted:
Does anybody know if there's a link to diabetes and gas? I'm type 1 on an insulin pump and I constantly feel bloated w/gas. I take gas x but it doesn't ever help. Somedays it's pretty miserable. I just didn't know if the 2 went together or not?
Debsbears responded:
Here's a good site to read about gas and diabetes. Many times food can cause the gas please read:

Also I can't help notice your site name - how are you doing with finding the CGM? You had mentioned you were looking for one - now you are on an insulin pump. Is that what you were looking for in the first place?
I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
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Phototaker123 responded:
Often food allergies can make gas. I'm allergic to milk, so have to be very careful sometimes. I also have IBS, which causes bloating. I've read that chewing gum or talking a lot while you're eating causes gas by swallowing too much air. I've also read gluten allergies may cause bloating. Try cutting out certain foods that you notice "might" be the cause, like beans, cabbage, etc., and see if that works. Cut out some milk products. Just try different things.
Phototaker123 replied to Phototaker123's response:
I just read Debsbear's article! It's excellent and says all the things I've mentioned and so much more! Read it!
anon123567 responded:
how long have you had diabetes? Gastroparesis is a common diabetes complication and gas can be a symptom. you should ask your endo about it

Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to anon123567's response:
Hi sickofit46060 -

Here's an article with symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for gastroparesis.

Diabetes, Gastroparesis, and Other Stomach Problems

I hope you get relief soon!

sickofit46060 replied to Debsbears's response:
Thanks for the link!

I did a one week trial w/the Dexcom and i'm going to move ahead w/that! It really opened my eyes to what my blood sugars were doing that I didn't realize before. I've been on the Omni Pod pump for years now but wish they would hurry up w/the built in cgm. Very helpful!

Thanks again.
sickofit46060 replied to anon123567's response:
I've had it about 8 years. I will ask her next time I go -some days it's really miserable.
katejt67 responded:
I'm looking for an answer to the same exact question! I'm a type I diabetic with an insulin pump since age 7 and I'm now 46. I have struggled with consistent, recurring gas cramps, pressure and bloating all of my life-even before I was diagnosed. I've always wondered if there is a correlation between the two. i have had other issues with digestion, such as occasional bouts of nausea which seem to come out of no where and then once I have a bm it eventually goes away...sometimes too, along with the excessive gas pains, I get so ravenously hungry that I can't concentrate on anything until I eat-and I'm talking about a complete meal. This is all with eating a normal three meals a day and snacks in between. I've been having a lot more of it lately and it doesn't seem to matter what I eat either...Is there an answer?

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