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    What do you carry with you?
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
    At dinner last night, a young boy sitting near us tested his blood sugar and gave himself a shot. OH BOY did the questions start from my 4 and 7 year old. I was so impressed by the level of maturity needed for kids to manage diabetes.

    Made me wonder what members of this community need carry away from home for testing and medication.

    Do you have a customized case? (the boy had one decorated with Dodgers stickers) What do you take "on the road" to stay healthy?

    dustnbones99 responded:
    I just carry my meter , insulin and a few needles. I don't really have a special case. Right now i'm using an old cosmetic case. It has a odd design that looks something like a mad tea party with manatees. They're sort of land manatees. I'd like to get a new one . I've seen a few i love, wolves and a green man design, but they're too expensive. I need to learn how to sew.

    I might test but would not inject insulin in public. I hate doing it in a dirty public bathroom but people get funny ideas about needles. Actually, i had trouble with my meter once too. I had to convince a security guard that it wasn't a camera at a Guns N Roses concert.
    Debsbears responded:
    I do carry my testing kit with only when I know I will be gone for a long time. My sugars are pretty much stable so I don't not take it all the time.

    My case is a generic one - the black material one that comes with the original kit.

    I have been taking granola bars with me all the time - just to keep my sugars balanced in between meals.

    Where we play cards on a regular bases we have a type 1 gal who always tests at least once during the time of cards, if she needs her insulin she does it right there - it doesn't bother me but the others are taken back by it and says she should do it at home. I have explained it to them that sometimes that is not possible if she is having a problem at the moment.
    I shall wait upon the Lord and renew my strength.
    Come follow my life's journey at:

    mhall6252 responded:
    I used to carry my testing kit with me. But these days I don't bother. I've been diabetic for 11 years, I've never had a low, and I am not using insulin. So it's not a huge deal for me.

    If I think I'm going to be away from a food source for a long time, I bring snacks - nuts, low sugar/carb snack bars, etc. I ALWAYS make sure I have something to eat either right before boarding an airplane, or I buy a salad to eat on the plane. That's one place where circumstances are completely out of your control.
    Diabetic since 5/2001
    Follow my journey at
    Smile and the world smiles with you.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to dustnbones99's response:
    Dusty - I never pegged you as a Guns N Roses fan! Sweet Child 'O Mine is one of my top 10 favorite songs
    dustnbones99 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Dustnbones is a Guns N Roses song. I'm a big fan of Guns and Izzy Stradlin.
    laura2gemini2 responded:
    Before I had my pump, I used to always carry my insulin pens with me in a glasses case (because my purse is a black hole and I lost a few). I still always carry a glucometer at all times. I used to test and inject in public, but I tried to make it where people couldnt see it. I still test in public and no one really seems to mind. I do like being able to just push a few buttons on my pump instead of having to inject at every meal.

    I also carry a protein bar and a few glucose tabs. Sometimes if I am out being more active than I planned, my sugar will go low and I like to be prepared.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to dustnbones99's response:
    Rock on Dusty!
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to laura2gemini2's response:
    Laura, my purse is a black hole as well. I finally got one that I could clip my car keys to the outside. But my phone/wallet get sucked in and I look like a dog digging for a bone!

    Injecting in public is an interesting topic - I'll start a discussion about that later.

    auriga1 responded:
    My meter and insulin are always in my purse. This summer has been especially hot, hot in the Midwest, so many times I have had to resort to putting my insulin in a FRIO insulated case which carries two insulin pens. Fits in my purse as well, if I take something out. LOL. BTW, I haven't customized my FRIO case. LOL. Little beyond that.

    I've tested and injected in public, but no one has ever seen me do it (that I have noticed.) More or less under the table and usually my family sitting around me.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to auriga1's response:
    Ahhhh...I didn't think about the need to consider the heat .

    You need to bling out your FRIO case - maybe some sparkles?

    auriga1 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    LOL, Haylen. I'll ask my daughter about this. She has at least 20 phone cases to show her bling. She'll probably do it up royally.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to auriga1's response:
    I'll need a photo of that auriga!

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