never knew of the members past
denial741974 posted:
hello group, I'm trying something new I'm reading everyone's post. And never knew that other people had issues to, some struggle with their weight with the life and kids and grandkids, makes me think I'm really selfish for the past four years I thought of myself, I know I have to do change a big change, I guess is how I was brought up as a young kid tell you secrets my real mother was very selfish, and I never want to be like her but I turned out like her, I need to change in my life that's all I have to say
no denial anymore in my health, it's a learning experience
Phototaker123 responded:
Good first step, look "outside" yourself and realize other people have "stuff" too!

2nd step... To realize you are the one to take care of your own needs and "stuff". It's okay to want to be listened to...but you need to do the fixing.
mhall6252 responded:
We all have "stuff" in our lives. It's part of life. What's important is how we deal with the stuff.
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