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What's My Line?
brunosbud posted:
  1. I am morbidly obese by any definition, normally weighing between 300-400lbs.
  2. I eat an average of 10,000-20,000 calories per day.
  3. I eat lots of white starch and drink between 10-15 beers, daily.
  4. I never eat breakfast and eat my dinner just before bedtime.
  5. I never cook; I eat all my meals at my favorite restaurants, and
  6. I seldom have high blood pressure and rarely have heart disease or Type 2 Diabetes.

What's my line?

(answer to be given, tomorrow)
laura2gemini2 responded:
I know my line is "holy crap!"
dustnbones99 responded:
Sumo wrestler?
brunosbud replied to dustnbones99's response:
Got a winner! Well played, dustnbones99!

Sumos know that by eating large amounts of carbohydrates by way of white rice and beer will bring about a massive insulin spike. By sleeping, thus, slowing metabolism, the glucose will not be burned and be converted to fat, instead. This is by design. They have developed weight gain down to a science.

Why don't the get Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease?

1. Sumos are known for their immense bellies. But, studies show that the wrestlers have large amounts of subcutaneous fat, that is fat under the skin. They have very little visceral fat (fat surrounding muscles and organs) that is associated with insulin resistivity and Type 2 Diabetes.

2. They train 3-5 hrs a day to develop tremendous agility and balance for their enormous size. It is the muscle that shields them from disease.

3. The other critical factor: Diet. Sumos eat, exclusively, a stew known as "chankonabe". In fact, the majority of restaurants that serve this dish are owned by retired wrestlers. It is essentially a meal containing massive amounts of protein (fish, chicken & tofu) and plenty of fresh vegetables. This is not junk food. The dish is packed with nutrition.

Summary: Regardless of size and amount of bodyfat, strength and cardio-respiratory fitness can conquer Type 2 Diabetes.
Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
My husband is a huge sumo fan - he even went to an exhibition by some of the top competitors here in Los Angeles. I always assumed they were completely unhealthy - a heart attack waiting to happen - thanks for sharing Bruno!


p.s. Dusty, I'm impressed! Did bruno send you a prize?

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