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good evening group
mustang37b posted:
hello group, how is everyone doing this evening on the web M.D. type II diabetes, I'm doing okay but this time cough don't want to go away, and I notice my bowels are watery, I got something from the pharmacy, it's diarrhea medicine, I must have a bacteria infection or something like that, in a week I go to my doctors for diabetes checkup results. I will talk to my Dr. about this like old that doesn't go away. It's just lingering and lingering anyway enough about me. What is everyone's plans for this evening and for tomorrow or at least the weekend?me I went for another bike ride today it was nice, I'll do the same tomorrow I play this game called DC universe but in moderation way I get all my stuff done first. So you'll have a great night and a great day tomorrow take care.
mhall6252 responded:
There is a drug called guaifenisin (Mucinex) that might help your cough. You can get it without a prescription at any drug store. It will help loosen the phlegm that is probably causing the cough. Take it with lots of liquids and it may help. Also, hot liquids are good for a cough. Chicken soup and hot tea are two good examples. Stay away from milky products until the cough goes away. It thickens the mucous and makes the cough worse.
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mustang37b replied to mhall6252's response:
lol Michelle, I've been drinking milk all the time, since with my cough is that the reason why is my going away. I'll stop drinking milk for a while until it goes away. Silly me
Phototaker123 replied to mustang37b's response:
I agree with Michelle, Tang. Also, for me, I am allergic to milk products. So people who are not allergic cannot drink milk, lactose intolerant. It can cause symptoms like you're talking about with diarrhea. I was tested for a milk allergy. I almost died as a baby, until they found goat milk for me to drink. For you, you might try Almond Milk for cereal. I'm not sure how it tastes to drink. Milk is also fattening. Maybe try something different for a while, see if the problem stops.

Did you get a new mountain bike? So glad you're riding again and cutting down on computer game use.
DavidHueben replied to Phototaker123's response:
Skim milk or even 2% milk is not fattening. Check Calorie King.

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mustang37b replied to DavidHueben's response:
? you know I get meals on meals program, 2 % low fat milk. I think okay all time plus Dr older is good for me.

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