dizzy spell/walking clinic
mustang37b posted:
hello group, how is everyone doing this week?I hope you all are staying healthy & eating healthy and trying to do the best thing that you can for yourself. I'm not a gets any details, but yesterday was a stressful day, my sugar was 177 very lightheaded, dizzy spell, in bed I'm busy today when I got up I was still very dizzy and decided go to a walk-in clinic check myself in gave protozoan 10mg and allergy off the counter Claritin-D. I'm a bit stress-free today resting drinking soup for dinner I had beans for my protein sliced onion and. I still for a little dizzy but not as bad as a was I'm still resting, just want to let everyone know I'm still working on me one step at a time. Today when a way to me at the clinic I weighed 141, not too bad lost a little bit of weight. It means I really didn't lose have much weight I was, I remember when I was in my early 30s dinos at January 20 my AC was 5.5 now it's 6.7 and I weighed 135 at that time, but everyone is right it's much harder to lose weight when you're older, when I get feeling better I'm day increase my mountain bike riding and try less starchy stuff and more fruits and vegetables, you all know wheels on meals that I get is diabetic friendly. But a losing wheels on meals if I ever get a job but at the moment I'm working on me and yes eventually I have to work again I know that, but for now still work on me improve my self better and better. You all take care
mhall6252 responded:
Keep working, Mustang!
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mustang37b replied to mhall6252's response:
Thank you Michelle for responding, lately I've been having problem with NaturallySpeaking, I keep getting error but I think I fixed it, anyway my dizzy spell is much better, I still get a little lightheaded sometime, but the partition like dr, the walking clinic that I went to said I had buildup wax in my ear, she gave me medication and described me over counter Claritin-D for the congestion.overall I'm feeling better, Michelle do you like the new improvement I'm really trying hard to success.